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PCI Penetration Testing Services

PCI DSS compliance makes sure businesses provide secure card transactions

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PCI DSS Penetration Testing will identify flaws in your card payment procedures.

PCI DSS pen testing allows us to identify high risk vulnerabilities and gaps within your security systems, making sure you are compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). PCI penetration testing can prevent hackers gaining access to private cardholder data, protecting your customers’ sensitive details and your reputation.

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of organisations are fully compliant with PCI DSS


of cyber attacks target cardholder details


of customers are less likely to buy from breached organisation

What is PCI DSS pen testing?

Our PCI DSS Penetration Testing Service

Why do I need PCI DSS pen testing?

For any business processing card payments, it’s a smart decision to be fully compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) requirements.

It demonstrates a commitment to protecting your customers’ cardholder data. Having a penetration test performed with a qualified security assessor sends out a positive message that you are a business that operates responsibly and that your cardholder data environment is safe. The credibility of your business (not to mention your revenue) is at risk if a breach occurs, could cause lasting damage to your reputation.

Any vulnerabilities found in your payment platform or your integrations could result in a PCI DSS violation. Hackers are always looking to intercept payments and steal credit card and cardholder data.

What gets checked?
PCI DSS pen testing can identify the risk level and threats to your platform and the internal network of your business, helping you take action to avoid breaches.

  • Identify any security flaws present in the payment gateway
  • Gain an understanding of any weaknesses in your system
  • Address and remedy all flaws identified

What does PCI DSS pen testing usually find?

Many of our PCI DSS investigations reveal similar issues:

  • Not identifying actual scope
  • Lack of documentation of significant changes
  • Not outlining and properly describing full business processes
  • Misunderstanding criteria from the SAQ eligibility questionnaire
  • Not keeping up with recurring tasks
  • Lack of consistency with vulnerability management programme
  • Lack of inclusion of third party data processes

If you can address these issues before requesting a PCI DSS investigation, it’ll make the process a bit easier.

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A penetration of a network costs a business over £2M.

Can your business sustain such a significant spend?

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Your clients stolen data may be sold on the dark web

Is your brand strong enough to withstand such a blow?

69% of customers said they would never return

Customers are less likely to buy from a breached organisation.

Our PCI DSS pen testing process

The OrbitalX Security Portal is more than just a reporting tool or about logging tickets, it’s the first of its kind, providing a central hub for better visibility and a more holistic view of your security – you will benefit from:

  • Greater visibility of your vulnerabilities
  • A holistic view of your security posture and risk
  • The ability to address the gap between identified vulnerabilities and how they’re actioned
  • Full vulnerability remediation tracking and auditing
  • Custom reporting to articulate the benefits of your cyber programs to senior management
  • A full spectrum view of your cybersecurity so you can manage and mitigate risk faster
  • A proactive approach to prevent cyberattacks on your business
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Make sure you’re truly protected by putting your networks, systems and applications to the test. As with all cyber security, external penetration testing forms part of a robust security posture. We’ll work with you to identify and remedy weaknesses in your security before a malicious party exploits them.

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“Rather than selling to us, DigitalXRAID educated us and let us make our own mind up, helping us to understand the importance of cyber security and what needs to be done in the future.”

– NELFT NHS Foundation

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We deliver long term solutions to ensure your company is protected. A longstanding partnership with the right cyber security provider is invaluable.

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Managed PCI DSS Penetration Testing Service

No single test or report is ever going to be enough to secure an organisation against the complex cyber threat landscape. As your Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) we will construct a developed, bespoke and reactive plan to take care of your entire cyber security requirements now and into the future.

  • Your trusted partners, we’ll deliver guidance, support and recommendations based on real evidence and genuine assessment of your business needs.
  • We’ll continually test your networks, identify exploitable factors, and upgrade your facilities to meet your evolving needs.
  • We’ll make sure your cyber protection remains robust, comprehensive and cutting-edge.

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