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Cyber Security Solutions In the Retail Industry

With the seismic shift to online sales and the rise of contactless payment, the retail sector is increasingly vulnerable to cyber attack

Cyber security for the retail industry

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Offensive Security


organisations suffered a cyber attack in the last year


of retail businesses are not compliant with PCI DSS


of cyber attacks target credit card details

Retailers have had to invest in digital channels, apps, and payment technologies just to stay current. The risk they face from cyber criminals has increased considerably.

Online shopping has become the norm. Retailers hold vast quantities of customer data, including credit card details. The theft of data is a rising problem; cyber criminals target those businesses where they believe the data yield will be greatest. Studies show that customers lose confidence at an alarming rate in businesses that have suffered data breaches. The financial fallout could be catastrophic for a retailer, especially in hard times like these. Let us help you set your cyber security store in order and protect your customers’ data.


Cyber attacks in the Retail Industry

What you should consider

Data breaches
are on the rise

The data of consumers is valuable to cyber criminals. Protecting it is vital. Demonstrate your commitment to safeguarding the data of valued customers by deploying appropriate security measures.

Is your customer data adequately protected?

As a retail business, you are responsible for protecting your customers and their data privacy. Cyber attacks can lead to the leakage of personal information, which will put you in violation of data privacy regulations.

Offensive Security

Cyber threat detection
and prevention

Do you have suitable measures in place to detect vulnerabilities in real time and prevent potential breaches? We deliver long term solutions to make sure your business is secured against cyber criminals.

Are you compliant?

Studies have revealed that a shocking number of retail businesses don't realise they're in violation of compliance regulations. PCI DSS certification is recommended for any business that handles cardholder data.

DigitalXRAID protecting the retail industry's digital infrastructure
DigitalXRAID providing retail cyber security

Cyber security challenges Retail face

  • Protecting customer data and privacy
  • Reducing disruptions to global supply chain caused by cyber attacks
  • Complying with a range of regulatory security standards
  • Balancing sophisticated cyber security measures with user experience
  • Preventing cyber breaches and data leakages

Protect your business from cyber threats against the retail sector

A security partner you can trust

Make sure your networks, systems and web applications are secure and meet compliance regulations. As with all cyber security, a robust security posture for non-profit organisations is vital. We’ll work with you to identify and remedy weaknesses in your security before a malicious party exploits them.

Your Retail Business is at risk if you neglect cyber security

Discuss your cyber security options

Get in touch today to speak to an expert and secure your business, or call us on 0800 090 3734

Cyber solutions for your industry

Discuss your cyber security options

Get in touch today to speak to an expert and secure your business, or call us on 0800 090 3734

DigitalXRAID protecting the retail industry's digital infrastructure

Retail Cyber Security FAQs

PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is a compliance certification for all businesses that process, store and transmit cardholder data. It is a set of best practice standards for processing payment information online to protect cardholder data and reduce credit card fraud.

Businesses need to maintain compliance through periodical validations carried out by a certified assessor.

Many businesses don’t realise that they aren’t PCI DSS compliant. Lack of compliance can lead to security and data breaches.

Our certified compliance team will discuss your requirements with you, take you through the process, and help you stay audit-ready.

Having a plan in place to detect breaches is a smart decision. Cyber criminals are always looking for vulnerabilities to exploit, and an unprotected business means payday for them.

Protect your business from serious damage by engaging the services of cyber security experts. We can test your network and security for vulnerabilities, and make sure they’re resolved before they are exploited.

Our team is experienced and knowledgeable, as well as being highly certified. Our managed services mean that your retail cyber security needs are taken care of, without the need to set up a costly in-house security team.

We can work with you to put together a package of solutions specific to your business needs. This is the best way to plan for future cyber attacks.

Call our Cyber Emergency line immediately:

0808 239 5732

We’re available to help 24/7, 7 days a week.

Your case will become our priority. We will offer astute guidance and assistance through the current cyber attack, deploy remediation measures, and work with you to avert any further breaches in future.


Why choose us?

Our market-leading industry expertise, our client-focused approach, and our commitment to being the best.

24/7 SOC protection

Our ongoing scrutiny of your networks, systems and applications will identify threats before they become problems.

Dedicated team

Every one of our clients is assigned a dedicated team of security experts to offer advice, guidance and support.

Long term solutions

Partner with us for a comprehensive managed service to support and protect your business.

Tailored services

We work to understand your challenges and develop a unique package of robust security solutions.

Cyber Security Experts

Accredited and regulated, we're in the top 1% of cyber security agencies globally

Crown Commercial Service Supplier Cyber Essentials Plus ISO 27001 BSI ISO 9001 CHECK NCSC Cyber Incident Response CREST

We’re trusted by the UK Government as Crown Commercial Service providers as well as being accredited by two of the leading cyber security governing bodies. Our ISO9001 certification means you can rest assured our processes and approach are market leading.

Protect Your Business & Your Reputation.

With a continued focus on security, you can rest assured that breaches and exploits won't be holding you back.

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