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Mobile Application Penetration Testing

We’ll uncover any vulnerabilities in your mobile applications so you can remediate cyber security risks

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Our Mobile Application Penetration Testing service can identify risks and help secure your mobile applications, eliminating threats to your data.

It is important that mobile application penetration testing is undertaken by organisations storing any form of valuable data. We’ll assess the design and configuration of your mobile applications to detect cyber security risks that could lead to unauthorised access, attacks, malware infections, data loss and any other potential security breaches. 


of mobile apps fail basic security tests


of organisations have been breached via mobile


is the estimated cost of mobile cyber breaches

Mobile app pen testing methodology

What is mobile application penetration testing?

Mobile Penetration Testing Service

Mobile devices have become a major part of our lives and the applications on them are a dominant form of digital interaction and engagement. The average user interacts with at least four to five mobile apps every day.  

With this increase in usage, organisations must now take steps to secure these mobile apps in order to protect the business, its reputation and most importantly, its customers. 

Our application testing methodology and techniques are closely aligned with the OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project®) Top 10 and are both CHECK and CREST approved. However, a one-size-fits-all approach to mobile app security testing isn’t sufficient. We understand that every business and mobile app is unique and requires a different level of security. 

Once the vulnerabilities in your mobile application that could cause a cyberattack are identified, we’ll support you in securing them, preventing future attacks. 

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A mobile application penetration test process will look for a range of exploitable vulnerabilities

What else does a mobile application penetration test look for?

Our mobile application pen test service covers the following OWASP Top 10 Application Security Risks:

  • M1 – Improper Platform Usage 
  • M2 – Insecure Data Storage  
  • M3 – Insecure Communications  
  • M4 – Insecure Authentication  
  • M5 – Insufficient Cryptography  
  • M6 – Insecure Authorization  
  • M7 – Client Code Quality  
  • M8 – Code Tampering  
  • M9 – Reverse Engineering  
  • M10 – Extraneous Functionality 

What are the biggest threats to your mobile application’s security? 

Data Leakage
If you move valuable data across your network, the application could leak data to cloud storage, backups, or the keyboard cache unless the proper permissions are in place. 

Insecure Data Storage 
This could be especially true if you’ve had an external developer create your mobile application. When developing mobile apps, we must take extra care when storing user data. For example, we can use appropriate APIs and take advantage of hardware accelerated security features. 

Code Quality
If a threat actor is able to easily reverse the application’s code to find flaws, they can use this information and gap in security to exploit the flaw by injecting malware.  

Web-based Communication
By ensuring that transport layer security (TLS) protocols have been deployed, your data will be encrypted when communicating with your network or other devices across the internet

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69% of customers said they would never return

Customers are less likely to buy from a breached organisation

Each security breach up costs up to $3 million per year

Can your business sustain such a significant spend?

Your clients’ stolen data may be sold on the dark web

Is your brand strong enough to withstand such a blow?

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Our mobile application penetration test process is thorough

Protect your mobile applications

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Make sure you’re truly protected by putting your networks, systems and applications to the test. As with all cyber security, external penetration testing forms part of a robust security posture. We’ll work with you to identify and remedy weaknesses in your security before a malicious party exploits them.

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DigitalXRAID offered an ongoing cost-efficient service which provided us with the peace of mind that our organisation would be protected, and our members’ information would remain secure within the cloud-based community.”

– Airmic

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Get in touch today to speak to an expert and secure your business, or call us on 0800 090 3734

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