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Managed XDR

Get peace of mind that your business is being proactively monitored and protected from cyber threats 24/7 with a Managed XDR service and complete visibility of your attack surface.

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What is Managed XDR and how can it benefit businesses?

Extended Detection and Response (XDR) is a relatively new term in the cybersecurity industry. But what is XDR in practice? 

As the threat landscape continues to expand, Extended Detection and Response (XDR) provides a holistic approach to threat detection and response that siloed SIEM, MDR, EDR and other security tools cannot achieve.  

DigitalXRAID’s managed extended detection and response service uses various best-of-breed technologies for complete visibility, to be able to collect, correlate, and centralise network, endpoint, and cloud workloads data from across your entire attack surface and better protect your business.

DigitalXRAID’s Managed XDR Service

Cyberattacks are increasing every month. It’s now a question of ‘when’, not ‘if’ an attack will be attempted on your business.  

With the increase in frequency of attacks coupled with the increase in sophistication of the attacks themselves, you may struggle to deal with the volume of false positives coming from threat detection security tools.  

That’s if you are lucky enough to have the in-house expertise and resources needed to be able to take action against advanced threats.  

If tooling and security expertise aren’t in place, are you sure you’re keeping your organisation safe? 


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As part of the Managed SOC services or Managed XDR service that we offer, DigitalXRAID combines machine learning, artificial intelligence, and big data analytics, with highly skilled security analysts and human expertise. 

We’ll deliver you a more comprehensive and proactive cybersecurity solution for your business and improve your security posture.  

We bring together the best in breed security tools from the likes of Microsoft, AT&T Cybersecurity, and Sentinel One, to offer true Managed Extended Detection and Response services and maximise your return on investment.  

Our analysts will monitor your entire IT infrastructure on a 24/7/365 basis, to detect any malicious activity and respond to threats in real-time, any time of the day or night.  

This provides your business with the best security protection possible.


of organisations have a SOC service


of organisations struggle to investigate all security alerts


of organisations expect to be using XDR by 2025

Managed XDR in Action

Safeguarding your business from cyberattacks doesn't have to be complicated

In a recent evaluation by the analyst firm Forrester, it was estimated that Managed XDR solutions can have a significant ROI impact for businesses, with 272% ROI and $1.8m in benefits over just 3 years.

Managed XDR Features

Managed extended detection and response provides businesses with a more comprehensive, proactive, and cost-effective approach to cybersecurity.  

By outsourcing threat detection and response services to a managed security service provider (MSSP), you can benefit from improved threat visibility, faster response times, reduced complexity, and access to highly skilled security experts. 

Learn more about why organisations should work with Managed Security Service Providers. 

Managed XDR utilises advanced technologies to identify and respond to threats across multiple layers of your infrastructure. This enhanced visibility helps detect threats more accurately and quickly, reducing the risk of breaches and minimising the potential damage of an attack.

Without context, ongoing attacks can be missed. Managed XDR provides expanded visibility, advanced security analytics, continually updated threat intelligence, and automated or orchestrated detection and response capabilities needed to detect and respond to threats in real-timeThis improves security posture and prevents cyberattacks having a detrimental effect on your business. 

We have a dedicated teams of security experts operating SOC-as-a-Service solutions who can quickly investigate and respond to threats in real-time. DigitalXRAID’s CREST Accredited Security Operations Centre (SOC) analysts can spot and neutralise an attack in just 6 minutes. This means they will resolve security incidents more rapidly, reducing the potential impact on your business operations and company reputation. 

Managed XDR can assist with meeting regulatory compliance requirements. DigitalXRAID’s SOC analysts prepare regular detailed reports and documentation so you can demonstrate your commitment to security and compliance to regulators, partners, and customers. 

DigitalXRAID's Managed XDR Service includes:

SIEM & Log

Intrusion Detection



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Go for the best with ISO 27001


Round-the-clock monitoring of your IT infrastructure

Orchestration &

Dark web

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and Compliance

Endpoint Detection
and Response

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There is a cyberattack every 39 seconds


cyberattacks happen every day


ransomware attacks take place every day globally

How do DigitalXRAID’s Managed XDR Services Benefit Your Organisation?

Why Choose DigitalXRAID for Managed XDR

DigitalXRAID is driven and motivated to make sure that the bad guys don’t win.  

Unlike other Managed Extended Detection and Response (XDR) offerings available in the market, DigitalXRAID is completely vendor agnostic and impartial, not looking to sell any particular security software or solution – but is able to offer aggregate value and advice which is purely in the best interests of your security.    

DigitalXRAID’s CREST accredited Managed XDR service operates 24/7/365, keeping customers safe every day of the year.  

A dedicated team of highly skilled security analysts monitor networks, systems and applications to respond to cyber threats in real-time.  

DigitalXRAID’s security analysts work as an extension of your own team, seamlessly supplying world-class Managed Extended Detection and Response capabilities. 

DigitalXRAID’s team of security analysts will identify and neutralise any attempted cyberattacks on your business in less than 6 minutes. 

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So, what’s included in our Managed XDR service and how do you benefit?

  • 24/7/364 expert monitoring of your entire IT ecosystem 
  • Reduced risk of exposure 
  • Actionable threat intelligence 
  • Threat prioritisation 
  • Compliance management 
  • Best in breed technology powered by the highest level of skilled security analysts
  • We’ll work as an extension of your team – not just a 3rd party supplier 
  • Lowest total cost of ownership  
  • No need to rip and replace any existing tools – with the opportunity to better utilise capabilities as part of the managed extended detection and response service.  
  • Aggregate value of threat intelligence from threat hunting across all industries 

Find out more about some of the industries we serve

“The fact that we can call DigitalXRAID at any time, night or day, has been fundamental to regaining a sense of control and security. DigitalXRAID has been our unswerving support and we want this to continue moving forward” 

John Ring, Director of IT at HMR 

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Read a comprehensive guide to XDR to learn more.  

Managed Extended Detection and Response is a cybersecurity service provided by managed security service providers (MSSPs) to businesses. XDR is an advanced, holistic approach to threat detection, investigation, and response across an organisation’s IT infrastructure, encompassing endpoints, networks, servers, cloud environments, and applications. 

Get a complete guide to Security Operations Centre services.

Simply put, EDR without XDR is useful and XDR without EDR is useful.  

In an ideal deployment, EDR feeds into and is directed by an Extended Detection and Response (XDR) system.  

Cyber security teams are — and long have been — running chronically understaffed and overworked. Risks are proliferating and the potential business impact of a serious breach continues to increase. The expansion of standard security operations to include EDR and XDR will inevitably spark another round of “DIY or buy” in cybersecurity leadership. That’s where managed detection and response (MDR) services come in. 

XDR solutions enhance the functionality of EDR by incorporating all security levels within the infrastructure, including email, networks, servers, and cloud platforms. 

By facilitating telemetry and behavioral analysis across numerous security layers, XDR empowers security professionals with a comprehensive perspective, as opposed to the limited viewpoint offered by EDR. 

XDR delivers a holistic view of system activities, eliminating blind spots in visibility. This allows security teams to not only determine the origin of threats but also track the progression of attacks throughout the security landscape. 

XDR provides businesses with superior analytical and correlation capabilities for better security protection. 

XDR and MDR (Managed Detection and Response) are both cybersecurity approaches that focus on threat detection, investigation, and response. However, they differ in scope, technology, and service delivery. 

Managed Extended Detection and Response solutions a more holistic approach taking in a broader set of data from multiple layers of an organisation’s infrastructure, such as endpoints, networks, servers, cloud environments, and applications. 

This provides greater visibility and enhanced threat detection and response.  

MDR providers focus more on endpoint security, mainly leveraging Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) tooling coupled with threat intelligence and monitoring services. MDR typically doesn’t have the broad range that Managed XDR encompasses.  

XDR (Extended Detection and Response) and SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) are two distinct cybersecurity approaches, where managed security service providers help organisations to identify, investigate, and respond to threats. They differ in their focus, scope, and technological capabilities. 

Managed SIEM is a traditional security solution that primarily focuses on collecting, aggregating, and analysing log data from various sources, such as network devices, servers, and applications.  

SIEM is designed to identify potential security incidents and provide real-time monitoring and alerts based on predefined rules and policies. 

Learn more about XDR here.  

XDR and SIEM can complement each other as part of a holistic security stack, with XDR enhancing the capabilities of SIEM by providing a deeper view of the security landscape and better threat detection and response. 

SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) and SOC (Security Operations Centre) are essential components of an organisation’s cybersecurity strategy, focused on identifying, monitoring, and responding to cyber threats in real-time.  

They work in tandem to ensure effective security management and incident response. 

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