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AWS Cloud Security Review

Safeguard your cloud service with a full security review

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AWS Cloud Security Review

It is vital that your AWS cloud service is correctly configured for both functionality and security.

Organisations often prioritise cloud functionality over security, leaving them vulnerable to cyber attack and data leakage.

AWS Cloud Security Review

With so much information hosted in the cloud, it's vital that you partner with a service provider that understands your business.

Configurations check

Our AWS Security Review thoroughly checks all configurations on your organisation's cloud platform to make sure there are no vulnerabilities.

Detect other issues

We will find and eliminate any issues as well as providing knowledge to safeguard your organisation.

Check user access levels

We will check user access levels to make sure every cloud user is authorised.

Add-on audit

We will make sure any add-ons or plug-ins are configured correctly. These are often overlooked during set up.

AWS Cloud Security

Cloud Security Review

AWS provide detailed documentation and best practices for securing your AWS environment. However, the growing complexities surrounding data management and usage, as well as compliance frameworks, means that organisations often stumble when it comes to understanding how they can protect their data and their customers’ data within the cloud. AWS also operates on the shared responsibility model which means they will handle the underlying infrastructure security but you are responsible for your data, access control and information stored on there.

Being responsible for your own environment means the slightest misconfiguration could create a critical vulnerability, which could result in sensitive data exposure and security regulation breaches.

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Our AWS Cloud Security Review covers everything across your account


have good visibility of critical data


of security breaches involve privileged credentials


cloud security failures are due to user error

AWS Cloud Security Review

Our certified professionals will conduct a comprehensive security review to identify and remedy any misconfigurations that may have occurred during the initial setup or when any significant changes have been made to the AWS environment. We often find issues with misconfiguration that have been missed or overlooked. Our team will detect the vulnerabilities within your AWS environment and provide a comprehensive report to help you mitigate the threats to your cloud security.

Our configuration review closely follows vendor and industry best practices and will include an in-depth review of the security controls available within AWS. These checks include but are not limited to:

  • Identity and access management
  • Logging and monitoring policies
  • Security groups
  • EC2 security configuration
  • S3 bucket policies and ACLs
  • Other AWS policies that are within use

Protect your business

A security partner you can trust

As with all cyber protection, an AWS Cloud Security Review should form part of an organisation’s ongoing security programme to mitigate existing and emerging threats. We’ll work with you to identify and remedy weaknesses in your cloud security before a malicious party does.

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We’ll provide intelligent, tailored solutions, and make sure you get the best cyber security package possible.

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We deliver long term solutions to ensure your company is protected. A longstanding partnership with the right cyber security provider is invaluable.

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Your business is unique. We will listen and work closely with you to understand your challenges, identify the vulnerabilities that are particular to your business, and put in place tailored countermeasures.

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Our expertise, experience and knowledge base puts us in the ideal position to deliver industry leading protection against existing and emerging cyber threats.

Managed Service

No single test or report is ever going to be enough to secure an organisation against the complex cyber threat landscape. As your Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) we will construct a developed, bespoke and reactive plan to take care of your entire cyber security requirements now and into the future.

  • Your trusted partners, we’ll deliver guidance, support and recommendations based on real evidence and genuine assessment of your business needs.
  • We’ll continually test your networks, identify exploitable factors, and upgrade your facilities to meet your evolving needs.
  • We’ll make sure your cyber protection remains robust, comprehensive and cutting-edge.

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