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DSP Toolkit

Deadline 31st March 2019

Formerly the Information Governance (IG) Toolkit

The Data Security and Protection Toolkit, or DSP Toolkit, is an online portal that enables organisations to measure their cyber security and data protection systems against Department of Health policies and standards. In order to comply with the DSP Toolkit, you’ll need to demonstrate that your IT systems are safe and secure, your organisation meets all the necessary NHS security guidelines, and you’re doing everything you can to protect sensitive patient information.    

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Which Organisations Need to Comply With the DSP Toolkit?

Any organisation with access to NHS patient information is required, by law, to comply with the DSP Toolkit. That means all health and care organisations, and their partners, must submit an annual assessment to prove they have the necessary protocols in place to meet all Department of Health data security standards. The deadline for submissions is March 31st 2019, so if you haven’t already completed the DSP Toolkit, you need to act now.

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How Can DigitalXRAID Help Me Complete the DSP Toolkit?

Here, at DigitalXRAID, we specialise in providing cutting-edge, market-leading cyber security solutions. We’ll safeguard your digital assets, shield your organisation from cyber threats and arm you with the tools and the knowledge you need to meet all the data security standards required by the DSP Toolkit. And that’s not all:

How will DigitalXRAID help me prepare.

  • We’ll protect patient information and defend you against real-world cyber-attacks.
  • We’ll assess the integrity of your systems, perform comprehensive health checks and highlight any weak spots.
  • Our team of industry-leading experts will provide round-the-clock protection for your organisation, keeping you safe and secure online.
  • And, we’ll make sure you exceed all the Department of Health data security standards.
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Case Study

North East London NHS Foundation Trust

"DigitalXRAID had the experience to understand the main points within Cyber Security. From helping us learn and understand the importance of cyber security to helping us know what needs to be done in the future. Rather than selling to us, they were educating us and letting us make our own mind up. They helped us achieve our Cyber Essentials Plus Certification very quickly and easily." Hifz Shaikh, IT Security Compliance Manager

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Cyber Essentials Plus

Cyber Essentials Plus is a government-endorsed cyber security solution, and, when it comes to protecting your sensitive data and shielding your organisation from online threats, it’s the absolute benchmark. It exceeds all the required standards of the DSP Toolkit, and by achieving your Cyber Essentials Plus certification you’ll satisfy many of the compliance statements included in your annual assessment, saving you time, money and unnecessary disruption. Cyber Essentials Plus will certify your organisation to government-approved standards, keeping your data safe and secure and giving you the best possible defence against cyber-attacks.


Key Features

  • Achieve a Government-endorsed cyber security certification
  • Identify potential weaknesses in your security with comprehensive vulnerability scans
  • Benefit from rigorous independent onsite testing
  • Protect your organisation against online threats
  • Ensure your current software meets all the necessary security requirements
  • Exceed all the data security standards required by the DSP Toolkit

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing is by far the most effective way to identify potential threats to your cyber security. By running simulations of genuine hacking techniques, our team of experts are able to highlight weaknesses in your infrastructure and give you the knowledge  you need to prevent future attacks. Penetration Testing will reveal just how vulnerable your organisation is to cyber-attacks, allowing you to implement the protocols you need to comply with NHS security standards.


Key Features

  • Simulate real-world cyber-attacks and keep the hackers at bay
  • Stop security breaches before they happen
  • Strengthen your internal networks and protect your organisation from malicious employees
  • Prevent your sensitive data falling into the wrong hands
  • Identify weaknesses in your security and make the fixes you need to comply with the DSP Toolkit

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