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External Penetration Testing Services

Get peace of mind that your systems and services are secure with external infrastructure penetration testing services.

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Our External Penetration Testing Services help to detect any weaknesses and security issues within your networks and systems and help to reduce risk and prevent potential cyber attacks - or real-world attacks - and security threats to your organisation's external network.

Many external cyber attacks can go undetected for months. An external network penetration test can identify these threats and protect your company from potential security breaches and losses before a cybercriminal can exploit any security vulnerabilities.

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of network perimeters are breached during external pen testing


of external pen tests found evidence of a previous cyberattack

Round-the-clock monitoring of your IT infrastructure

4 days

is all it takes on average for successful external network penetration

What does an External Penetration Test look for?

External penetration tests will go through the penetration testing process to investigate a range of potential security vulnerabilities, using vulnerability scanning techniques, and security weaknesses within your external networks and systems.

External penetration testing services overview

The aim of external pen testing is to initiate a security breach by mimicking an attacker from outside the network. The purpose of the external pen test is to try to gain control of exposed services and sensitive data. Our penetration testing experts will test to identify weaknesses and discover flaws in your external network environment, allowing you to make the necessary changes to the vulnerabilities identified before they can be exploited to damage your business.


Our comprehensive reporting will outline precisely what threats to your external network infrastructure exist, and evaluate the risk and impact a resulting security breach by a malicious attacker could have on your business. 

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Standard external network penetration testing looks for a range of typical issues

External network penetration testing

Insecure setup or configuration of networks

Our security team of penetration testers will attempt to breach your external networks by looking for weak passwords, open ports, unpatched applications and incorrectly set user privileges.

Incorrect encryption and authentication

Article 32 of the UK GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) includes encryption as an example of an appropriate technical measure to secure data. Are you encrypting data to a sufficient standard?

Code and command injection

We’ll check that your sites forms are built to protect against the risk of SQL injection real-world attacks and find how they behave when someone tries to interfere with your external network infrastructure or external applications and external systems. 

Session management

Cookies and sessions tokens are used to make applications more user friendly, but they can be exploited for malicious purposes, with a risk of making your external systems vulnerable to attack. 

Penetration of an external network costs a business over £2M.

Can your business sustain such a significant cost?

Your clients stolen data may be sold on the dark web

Is your brand strong enough to withstand such a blow?

69% of customers said they would never return

Customers are less likely to buy from a breached organisation.

What does an external penetration test usually find?

External automated penetration testing services

Our external pen test service will look at everything you’d expect from standard external security testing to a more bespoke external pen testing service, depending on your needs. However, as leaders in cybersecurity, we ensure that no stone is left unturned with our comprehensive external network penetration testing services, which include: 

  • Dark web scraping for exposed database sales
  • Sustained password guessing
  • Carrying out exploits that are actively being discussed on hidden parts of the internet

We also strongly recommended our social engineering service.

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What is involved in external penetration testing?

What are the steps for external network penetration testing?

The OrbitalX Security Portal is more than just a reporting tool or about logging tickets, it’s the first of its kind, providing a central hub for better visibility and a more holistic view of your security – you will benefit from:

  • Greater visibility of your vulnerabilities
  • A holistic view of your security posture and risk
  • The ability to address the gap between identified vulnerabilities and how they’re actioned
  • Full vulnerability remediation tracking and auditing
  • Custom reporting to articulate the benefits of your cyber programs to senior management
  • A full spectrum view of your cybersecurity so you can manage and mitigate risk faster
  • A proactive approach to prevent cyberattacks on your business
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External Penetration Testing FAQs

External Penetration Testing

External penetration testing uses ethical hacking techniques to mimic how an attacker might try to breach an organisation’s network. The external penetration test will test the effectiveness of the perimeter security to stop attackers from gaining access.  

External pen testing can also identify any weaknesses in internet-facing applications and FTP servers, for example.  

If an attacker is able to access an organisation’s network and move laterally across networks and systems, they could exfiltrate customer data – or even worse, sensitive data – and in most cases they would take the business offline for maximum damage.

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So, what is an external penetration test? An external penetration testing service is designed to mimic how an attacker might attempt to access an organisation from outside the network.  

External infrastructure penetration testing involves identifying any vulnerabilities in external environments and attempting to exploit vulnerabilities to gain access. 

The external penetration tester would take steps to bypass perimeter security measures and gain access to internet-facing systems. Identifying how gaps in company networks could result in a security breach allows the business to make the necessary changes before an attack can cause damage to the business.  

Comprehensive reporting from the pen tester will precisely outline the network’s vulnerabilities and the impact they could have on the business if left unaddressed.  

What is an internal penetration test and what is the difference between internal and external penetration testing? 

An internal security breach could prove disastrous for your business in terms of reputation and cost. Internal pen testing provides a unique insight into internal networks, helping to pinpoint vulnerabilities, shore up security, and guard against threats from within the organisation itself.  

Learn more about other types of penetration testing.  

Penetration testing will identify the weaknesses and potential vulnerabilities in your security systems, giving you the chance to remedy them before it’s too late. 


What are the benefits of external penetration testing? 

Penetration testing in general has many benefits. When looking at external penetration testing specifically there are a few key things that a company can gain from engaging with external penetration testing services: 

  • Understand any gaps or security vulnerabilities that a cybercriminal may exploit to access external network infrastructure or systems 
  • Understand what the impact of an external network or system breach would be on the business 
  • Regulatory compliance, depending on the business industry and needs 
  • Win more business by fulfilling contractual obligations and proving a proactive approach to securing the business 
  • Protect the company’s reputation and retain customer trust 

If a hacker was able to exploit your external network infrastructure and exfiltrate your sensitive data, the result would be extremely damaging for both the business reputation and the resulting cost in lost business operations and fines. External networks are a crucial part of any business.  

External penetration testing is important to be able to answer external penetration testing checklist questions that link directly to the security of external network infrastructure.  

An external penetration test will answer questions such as: 

  • Are all internet-facing systems identified and accounted for? 
  • Has an attack already occurred? 
  • Are all systems configured correctly? 
  • Is patching fully up to date for all systems identified? 
  • And many more 

With continued sophistication of real-world attacks by cybercriminals, external penetration testing needs to be regular and rigorous in order to protect networks and stop attacks before they can happen.  

All external penetration tests are tailored to the organisation. The time that an external pen test should take depends on the infrastructure involved in the test’s scope.  

Scope your project to get a tailored quote of what your external penetration testing service would involve.  

DigitalXRAID’s comprehensive external penetration testing services use ethical hacking techniques to target systems and attempt to gain physical access. This type of external penetration testing allows us to test the security risks associated to your networks, systems, and web applications, diagnosing the flaws in your security before they can be exploited.  

Unlike other external penetration testing companies, DigitalXRAID is both CREST and CHECK accredited. DigitalXRAID is one of the first companies in the world to gain the gold standard CREST certification, making us one of the top penetration testing companies in the UK. If there’s a vulnerability, DigitalXRAID’s CREST certified penetration testing service experts will find it. All certifications are reviewed and approved by GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters) and the NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre) for added assurance. 

For more information on our external penetration testing services or how we can support you in staying a step ahead of cyber criminals with a range of CREST penetration testing services, get in contact. 

For an in-depth view and to get tailored quote, scope your project. 

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Make sure you’re truly protected. As with all cybersecurity, external penetration testing forms part of a robust security posture. We’ll work with you to identify and remedy weaknesses in your security before a malicious party exploits them and you fall victim to a cyberattack.

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“Rather than selling to us, DigitalXRAID educated us and let us make our own mind up, helping us to understand the importance of cyber security and what needs to be done in the future.”

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Managed External Penetration Testing Service

External Penetration Testing

No single test or report is ever going to be enough to secure an organisation against the complex cyber threat landscape. As your Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) we will construct a developed, bespoke and reactive plan to take care of your entire cyber security requirements now and into the future.

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