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Cyber Security for Charities and Non-profit

Cyber criminals are unscrupulous – they even target charities

Cyber security for Charities and non-profits

We're accredited as world class cyber security experts


of cyber attacks are motivated by financial gain


of companies have suffered a breach in the last 12 months


of users are unable to recognise a sophisticated phishing email

Charities and non-profit organisations are often an easy target for hackers proving to be devastating.

Non-profit organisations are vulnerable to phishing, ransomware, data theft, and other types of cyber threat. These attacks can be devastating for charity organisations and the people and communities that rely on them. We can help identify your vulnerabilities and provide long-term solutions to ensure your organisation is secure.

Strengthen cyber protection in the Charity and non-profit industry

What you should consider

Are your customers protected?

Protecting your customers' sensitive data is vital. They need to feel confident they can donate to your charity without the fear of compromising their personal information. A data breach can affect your organisation and the communities relying on it.

Have you tested for internal vulnerabilities?

Internal vulnerabilities are often overlooked. However, internal security breaches can be just as damaging as any other. Our service tests your internal infrastructure for potential vulnerabilities.

Training and awareness

Cyber security is probably the last thing on your mind. Training your workforce is an easy win. Activate them as an extra layer of security and protection against cyber crime. We train your team to detect threats and help prevent cyber attacks.

Is your donation process compliant with regulations?

For any organisation processing card payments, it is crucial to be fully compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). We can help you achieve and maintain PCI DSS compliance.

DigitalXRAID protecting Charities and non-profits' digital infrastructure
DigitalXRAID providing Charities and non-profits cyber security

Cyber security challenges charitable and non-profit organisations face

  • Protecting sensitive customer and business data.
  • Complying with a range of industry regulations, and ensuring continued compliance.
  • Preventing cyber breaches.
  • Balancing software and network usability with highly functioning systems.
  • Employee education to recognise phishing attempts.

Protect your organisation from the threats against the non profit sector

A security partner you can trust

Make sure your networks, systems and web applications are secure and meet compliance regulations. As with all cyber security, a robust security posture for non-profit organisations is vital. We’ll work with you to identify and remedy weaknesses in your security before a malicious party exploits them.

Your organisation is in danger if you neglect cyber security

Discuss your cyber security options

Get in touch today to speak to an expert and secure your business, or call us on 0800 090 3734

Cyber solutions tailored to the Non-profit industry

Discuss your cyber security options

Get in touch today to speak to an expert and secure your business, or call us on 0800 090 3734

Cybersecurity protection for the Charities and non-profits

Cyber Security for Charities & Non-profit FAQs

Threats within the cyber landscape can evolve on a daily basis, so vigilance is always necessary. The importance of cyber security for charities has never been greater.

We recommend that internal and external penetration testing should take place at least once a year to ensure your networks are secure and there is no room for potential threats.

All it takes is for one hacker to decide your organisation is their next target. Unprotected organisations are like fruit ripe for the picking.

Often, malicious users can breach security and access your networks, going undetected for up to 6 months and harvesting data all the while.

It is important that you secure your network and resolve any vulnerabilities that may lead to cyber attacks in the future. Cyber attacks can lead to financial losses as well as a loss of credibility. Cyber security for non profits can help prevent this.

A partnership with a renowned security provider sends a powerful warning message to would-be hackers.

  • Internal penetration testing
  • Make workforce cyber security awareness a priority
  • Educate your workforce
  • Provide awareness training
  • Deploy basic security measures, like multi-factor authentication and strong password directives

Why choose us?

Our market-leading industry expertise, our client-focused approach, and our commitment to being the best.

Long term solutions

Partner with us for a comprehensive managed service to support and protect your business.

24/7 SOC protection

Our ongoing scrutiny of your networks, systems and applications will identify threats before they become problems.

Tailored services

We work to understand your challenges and develop a unique package of robust security solutions.

Dedicated team

Every one of our clients is assigned a dedicated team of security experts to offer advice, guidance and support.

Cyber Security Experts

Accredited and regulated, we're in the top 1% of cyber security agencies globally

Crown Commercial Service Supplier Cyber Essentials Plus ISO 27001 BSI ISO 9001 CHECK NCSC Cyber Incident Response CREST

We’re trusted by the UK Government as Crown Commercial Service providers as well as being accredited by two of the leading cyber security governing bodies. Our ISO9001 certification means you can rest assured our processes and approach are market leading.

Protect Your Business & Your Reputation.

With a continued focus on security, you can rest assured that breaches and exploits won't be holding you back.

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