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Digitalisation of electricity systems and the shift to renewables has made the energy sector more vulnerable to cyber security attacks

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The energy sector is at risk of cyber attack:
data theft, billing fraud, the remote takeover and control of an energy provider's digital infrastructure.

Energy sector organisations have benefited from digitalisation. However, as a critical national infrastructure, even the smallest vulnerability can cause wide-ranging disruptions that have devastating consequences. As well as affecting customers, cyber attacks can cause financial loss and reputational damage. We can design a package of solutions to combat the specific threats faced by the energy sector.

Strengthen cyber security in the energy industry

What you should consider

Is your customer data adequately protected?

Customer data is extremely valuable to hackers. Protecting it is vital. Have you taken the necessary steps to ensure it remains safe in your hands?

Is your payment process secure?

Payment processing happens frequently in the energy industry. PCI DSS compliance is a necessary standard; it demonstrates your commitment to protecting your customers' credit card and bank details.

Offensive Security

Identifying and responding to breaches

Do you have procedures in place to identify and respond swiftly to cyber attacks? Our vulnerability monitoring service will help you keep on top of potential threats and prevent any embarrassing breaches, giving you complete peace of mind.

Are you compliant?

Studies have shown that an alarming number of energy companies are not PCI DSS, NIS Directive and GDPR compliant. Meeting these standards is essential; they prove you're committed to protecting customers' sensitive data.

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Cyber security challenges the energy industry faces

  • Reducing supply chain cyber risks
  • Averting attacks intended to disrupt essential energy services and cause national crisis
  • Complying with a range of regulatory security standards
  • Protecting sensitive customer data
  • Preventing cyber breaches

Protect your business from the threats aimed at the energy sector

A security partner you can trust

Make sure your networks, systems and web applications are secure and meet compliance regulations. As with all cyber security, a robust security posture for non-profit organisations is vital. We’ll work with you to identify and remedy weaknesses in your security before a malicious party exploits them.

Your organisation is at risk if you neglect cyber security

Discuss your cyber security options

Get in touch today to speak to an expert and secure your business, or call us on 0800 090 3734

Cyber solutions for your industry

Discuss your cyber security options

Get in touch today to speak to an expert and secure your business, or call us on 0800 090 3734

Frequently Asked Questions

Threats within the cyber landscape can evolve on a daily basis, so vigilance is always necessary.

We recommend that internal and external penetration testing should take place at least once a year to ensure your networks are secure and there is no room for potential threats.

A long term partnership with a security service provider is the best way to keep on top of penetration testing.

All it takes is for one hacker to decide your organisation is their next target. Unprotected organisations are like fruit ripe for the picking.

Often, malicious users can breach security and access your networks, going undetected for up to 6 months and harvesting data all the while.

It is important that you secure your network and resolve any vulnerabilities that may lead to cyber attacks in the future. Cyber attacks can lead to financial losses as well as a loss of credibility.

A partnership with a renowned security provider sends a powerful warning message to would-be hackers.

PCI DSS is a payment card industry data security standard designed to make sure businesses are handling cardholder data safely and securely. This standard must be met by all organisations that accept, process, store, or transmit credit card information.


  • Internal penetration testing
  • Educate your employees
  • Provide awareness training
  • Incorporate cyber security awareness

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Our market-leading industry expertise, our client-focused approach, and our commitment to being the best.

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Partner with us for a comprehensive managed service to support and protect your business.

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Our ongoing scrutiny of your networks, systems and applications will identify threats before they become problems.

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We work to understand your challenges and develop a unique package of robust security solutions.

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Every one of our clients is assigned a dedicated team of security experts to offer advice, guidance and support.

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We’re trusted by the UK Government as Crown Commercial Service providers as well as being accredited by two of the leading cyber security governing bodies. Our ISO9001 certification means you can rest assured our processes and approach are market leading.

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