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Virtual SOC: Why does your company need one?

What is a virtual Security Operations Centre (vSOC), what are its benefits, and why is it an essential part of your security posture?

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What is a virtual security operations centre (vSOC)?

A Security Operations Centre (SOC) collects and collates data from across your business to detect, analyse and respond to online threats and attacks.  

There are multiple security options for different businesses. However, building your own SOC in-house is challenging. It’s tough getting tooling, technology and highly skilled security professionals needed for 24/7 protection.  

Fortunately, you have the option of the virtual security operations centre (vSOC) service through managed SOC providers to remove these barriers. 

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What is a virtual SOC?

This term can have two different meanings. One is enterprise-run, hosted in the cloud without any physical location. That lowers the cost barriers but doesn’t address the skills shortage—especially highly-skilled and qualified Security Experts. It also won’t scale easily and is unlikely to provide essential 24/7 monitoring.  

The second is also called outsourced SOC or SOC-as-a-Service. That’s run entirely by a managed security service provider (MSSP). 

This centre operates like a fully-fledged in-house function—but with advanced technology and tools and the highest level of expertise. And, 24/7 monitoring of all network infrastructure, systems and applications. 

This vSOC gives you: 

  • Proactive, 24/7 threat monitoring and incident response 
  • Deep analysis of security log data from various sources across the business   
  • Security breach investigation to understand the root cause of attacks and prevent future incidents
  • Security policies and procedures enforcement 
  • Cost efficiencies compared with building the function in-house  
  • Access to highly qualified cybersecurity experts  
  • Flexibility, agility and scalability

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Benefits of a vSOC

This managed solution gives you access to the very latest in tooling and technology. Working across multiple industries and clients, it also provides you with the aggregate value of refined threat intelligence and response services. 

That helps you mitigate known vulnerabilities or attack vectors before they even become an issue.  

Your business also gains access to advanced features such as:

  • Security monitoring and vulnerability monitoring
  • Intrusion identification
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and log management
  • Threat intelligence
  • Dark web monitoring, among others 

To get the capability and complete visibility to monitor for and detect threats 24/7, the smart decision is to outsource to a vSOC.  

This service will take care of security monitoring, vulnerability and malware scanning, managed detection and response (MDR), threat monitoring, incident response, security audits, and much more. 

AN MSSP would be able to monitor and detect potential threats and attacks 24/7/365, before any damage can be done or data exfiltrated, without costing you much. 

Cost is a huge advantage of outsourcing 24/7 cybersecurity to a managed provider. Setting up a virtual Security Centre can cost upwards of £500,000. Plus, you will need at least 10 employees to work on 24-hour shift patterns, 365 days a year. 

Or, you could choose a vSOC for a fraction of the cost of ownership.  

A managed service provider uses security tools for advanced threat identification, remediation and response 24/7. Any suspicious activity noted can be responded to in real time.

Your business enjoys industry-wide insight and extensive knowledge of the entire threat landscape by outsourcing your security.

That’s especially pertinent for smaller businesses that simply do not have the resources in-house for constant threat monitoring. 

A managed service provider frees your internal IT staff to pursue important operation and digital transformation tasks, whilst your business is safe and securely monitored.  

A well-established service provider gives you world-class threat detection and response (TDR) without high upfront costs or the stress of hiring, training and retaining talented professionals.

The mean times to detect and respond are important metrics when it comes to keeping your business safe from cyberattacks. 

With 24/7 coverage, an MSSP provides protection against cyberattacks. Any alerts, false positives or security incidents that are identified, even outside of business hours, are responded to rapidly.

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How do you select a virtual SOC solution for your business?

You need a provider that goes over and beyond, setting up a partnership that sees them as an extension of the in-house team.  

With cyber security being a highly dynamic industry, you should consider outsourcing your IT monitoring to expert professionals with specific knowledge, experience and qualifications such as CREST and CHECK accreditations.  

Your security service providers should offer 24/7/365 protection, dedicated customer support and continuous feedback and reporting for crucial intelligence that helps enhance cyber-resilience for the future.  

For a guide on how to choose the right MSSP provider for your business, read our blog, or download the ebook. 

DigitalXRAID’s vSOC Managed Service

DigitalXRAID’s 24/7 virtual SOC service is an award-winning solution that analyses, manages, and responds to all aspects of your security every day of the year. 

This flagship, fully-managed service helps our clients understand and reduce risk. Our security experts are an extension of your own team, working seamlessly to supply world-class TDR.  

Our CREST-accredited service operates 24/7/365. Dedicated security analysts monitor your networks, systems and applications. They keep them secure and respond to security events in real time. 

Our world-leading service can identify and neutralise any attack or security breach in just 6 minutes.

Our solution can also combine the complete spectrum of advanced TDR capabilities—recently named XDR (extended detection and response)—depending on your needs. 

Our service features include:

  • Vulnerability management
  • IDS (Intrusion Detection System) & IPS
  • Threat mining
  • SOAR (Secure Orchestration and Response)
  • SIEM & log management
  • Endpoint D&R (Disaster Recovery)
  • File integrity monitoring
  • Dark web monitoring
  • Full compliance reporting 

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can protect your business or getting a vSOC managed service quote tailored to your business needs, get in contact with us today. 

What’s different about our virtual security operations centre solution?

Our managed security service provides state-of-the-art tooling and expertise, for less than the cost of one SecOps employee.

Risk reduction and advanced digital protection is accessible for both SMEs and larger enterprises, without expanding in-house operations or straining existing IT and security teams. 

We’re completely impartial, and not looking to push any particular security software or hardware sale. So, we’re able to offer advice in your best interest. 

The centre operates 24/7/365 with some of the highest qualified security professionals in the world, holding CCIE (CISCO Certified Internetwork Expert) Security and CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) certifications, amongst many others. 

Our service is one of the first in the world to hold CREST certification and continues to be in the top 1% globally with this certification.

Unlike other providers, DigitalXRAID has achieved government-grade security accreditations on top of the elite CREST certification, with ISO 9001 for Quality Management Systems, ISO 20000 for IT Service Management and Cyber Essentials data security certifications added for complete peace of mind for clients.

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