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Outsourced SOC Services: The best solution to protect your business

Learn more about outsourcing your SOC, how this service protects your business 24/7 from cyberattacks and why DigitalXRAID might be the right provider for you.

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What Is an Outsourced SOC?

A Security Operations Centre (SOC) that’s outsourced–sometimes referred to as an external SOC or SOC as a Service (SOCaaS) – is dedicated to safeguarding your cyber security. It is operated by specialised MSSPs (Managed Security Service Providers) who will monitor all networks, systems and applications on your behalf, 24/7.

The Security Operations Centre will still monitor staff – or people, processes and technology across your business, using advanced technology and security tools. That allows you to utilise continuous threat detection and response to improve your overall security posture.

Outsourced online security teams can improve incident response services by analysing cyber threats from various clients and industries, and then providing these improved services to you.

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What do SOCs monitor?

Typically, outsourced cyber security monitors all sources of network traffic and activities to detect suspicious activity or anomalies.

The service provider will gather all event logs and activity from cloud or network infrastructure, devices, applications, databases, and more, across your organisation.

The collected data is then analysed by the SOC analysts, through tooling and threat intelligence platforms. The team responds to security threats promptly to avoid disruption to business and reputation damage.

The advanced security operations tooling that is made available through these providers can include features such as security monitoring and vulnerability monitoring, intrusion detection, SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) and log management, threat intelligence, dark web monitoring, among others.

For an external monitoring and response service to best fulfil its purpose, it requires a constant feed of data. This can also include all the data that flows through the network and databases in the form of

Network and DNS data logs
Firewall and intrusion detection logs
Email and web logs
Database activity logs
Event logs
And many more 


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The Benefits of Outsourcing SOC Services

Building an internal security centre that monitors your business all day all night is expensive. You’d need a minimum of 10 employees to work on 24-hour shift patterns, all of whom will need to be paid. By outsourcing your SOC, you get complete coverage at a fraction of the cost.

There are thousands of security alerts being delivered to the security centre every day. The divided attention to security could potentially result in a security risk, as well as a delay in fixing vulnerabilities. An external security centre can look into each alert so your business stays protected.

Outsourcing your SOC enhances security by giving you the resources and ability needed 24/7. You can then avoid spending a lot of money on hiring and training security staff and tools.

Outsourcing your SOC frees up your internal IT team to work on other tasks, while also keeping your security operations under watch.

The service will monitor your security perimeter and can also protect any endpoints where remote staff are connecting to the business network. SOC outsourcing can take care of all complex IT infrastructure.

You’d require a comprehensive set of tools and talent to protect your business from cyberattacks. Instead of purchasing or hiring your own, you could outsource the service and get extensive technology working for you.

An outsourcing SOC uses these advanced tools together for advanced threat monitoring, remediation and response, so suspicious activity is responded to in real-time.

An SOC collects data logs around the clock to actively monitor for real-time incident response. This means that any alerts or security incidents that are identified, even outside of business hours, are responded to rapidly by the team – minimising the impact and cost.

For any organisation to be able to monitor and detect potential threats and breaches 24/7/365, before any damage is done, the best solution is outsourcing SOC to a specialist security service provider.

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The main drivers for investing in 24/7 security

Over recent years, the volume and sophistication of cyber threats have soared. Nowhere is this more visible than in the ransomware space. So much so, ransomware was labelled the biggest online threat to people in the UK last year.

For more information about why the business case for an outsourced SOC service has never been stronger, and to get insight into how you can get round the clock threat detection and response, access to highly skilled security professionals, make effective use of your cyber security budget and neutralise potential attacks in less than 6 minutes, download the ebook. 

The cyber security industry is short of 2.7 million workers, and SOC analysts are arguably among the hardest to come by. This is coupled with stress and burnout associated with alert overload. This usually comes down to cheap tooling delivering false positives with no way to prioritise signals. 

Organisations must find the right blend of tools to provide the insight their security analysts need. That’s not always easy in a crowded market where vendor hype is sometimes difficult to see past.  

SIEMs (Security Information and Event Monitoring) can be useful but often require constant tuning to be effective, which many in-house SOC teams don’t have the time or resource to do.  

According to one study, perceived ROI from cyber security is dropping in over half of organisations, due to management complexityAs a result, the best way to support in-house teams during this mass exodus of cyber talent is to outsource to experts.  

Your SOC partners bring industry-wide insight and extensive knowledge of the entire threatscape.

This is especially pertinent for smaller organisations that don’t have extensive resources in house for constant threat monitoring of suspicious activity and considering the continued growth of the cyber skills gap.


There is a cyberattack every 39 seconds


of cyberattacks target small businesses 


ransomware attacks take place around the world daily

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DigitalXRAID’s Outsourced SOC (Security Operations Centre)

Security operations capabilities shouldn’t be limited to large enterprises. Utilising 25+ years’ experience in building enterprise grade security solutions, DigitalXRAID’s outsourced SOC service has been formed and continues to exist today to leverage industry best practice and deliver market leading security services for any business. 

DigitalXRAID’s CREST accredited SOC operates around the clock, monitoring your networks, systems and applications to keep them secure and, respond to security events in real-time.

The flagship outsourced SOC service helps customers understand and reduce security risk. Our SOC team runs as an extension of your own team, working seamlessly to provide world-class threat detection and response to identify and neutralise an attack in less than 6 minutes.  

The 24/7 SOC service uniquely provides the complete spectrum of advanced threat detection and response capabilities, more recently coined as XDR (extended detection and response). Services include vulnerability management, IDS & IPS, threat mining, SOAR (Secure Orchestration and Response), SIEM & log management, endpoint D&R, file integrity monitoring, dark web monitoring and full compliance reporting.

If you’re interested in learning more about how the outsourced SOC service can protect your business or to get a quote to outsource SOC tailored to your business needs specifically, get in contact with us today. 

What’s different about DigitalXRAID’s outsourced SOC services?

  • The outsourced SOC service provides state of the art tooling and capabilities, for less than the cost of one InfoSec employee. Risk reduction and advanced cyber protection is accessible for SMEs and provides larger enterprises with added resources, without expanding in-house security operations or straining existing teams
  • Our solution is completely impartial, not looking to push any particular security software or solution sale but is able to offer advice which is in the best interests of the customer
  • The external SOC service operates 24/7/365 with some of the highest qualified security professionals in the world, holding CCIE (CISCO Certified Internetwork Expert) Security and CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) certifications, amongst others. The service is one of the first in the world to hold CREST certification and continues to be in the top 1% globally with this certification
  • Unlike other providers, DigitalXRAID has achieved government-grade security accreditations on top of the elite CREST certification, with ISO 9001 for Quality Management Systems, ISO 20000 for IT Service Management and Cyber Essentials data security certifications added for complete peace of mind for customers

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