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SOC Security: What is SOC in Cyber Security & How SOC Can Protect Your Business

Learn more about how a SOC security service benefits your business, and why you should look to outsource your security to a specialist provider.

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SOC Security services with DigitalXRaid

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What is a Security Operations Centre in Cyber Security?

A Security Operations Centre (SOC) can also be called SOC-as-a-Service. It offers your business capabilities to monitor online threats, detect any suspicious activity on a 24/7 basis, and prevent data breaches.  

To do this, the centre brings together threat detection, prevention and response by deploying technology, tooling and highly trained security professionals. And, it does so around the clock, all year round.

DigitalXRaid's SOC security service will safeguard any organisation by using advanced security tools to monitor people

What is a Managed SOC Security Service?

Accredited SOCs safeguard your organisation by using advanced security tools to monitor people, processes and technology across the business. They continuously analyse the organisation’s security posture to make improvements and ensure everything is secure.  

If a cyberattack does happen, the service kicks in to neutralise the attack. The security team will identify the root cause of the attack and present detailed analytics and reports outlining how, when and why the security breach was successful.  

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What are the Key Security Operation Centre Team Roles?

A strong security team should include: 

  • Security Manager: This role oversees the whole operation and reports directly to the CISO (Chief Information Security Officer)
  • Cybersecurity Analysts: Also known as security analysts or incident responders, these are the highly skilled professionals who are on the front line detecting and responding to cybersecurity threats and security incidents
  • Threat Hunters: Specialists in offensive cybersecurity techniques and advanced threats
  • A range of junior to senior positions working alongside each other to monitor your security 24/7
SOC Security services with DigitalXRaid

What are the Benefits of Outsourced Security?

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. By implementing proactive detection techniques, a managed cybersecurity service will detect malicious activity, monitor for false positives, and stop the attack before it can cause any damage.

It will bring assurances that any cyber attacks will be detected and prevented in real time. It will respond faster, addressing the challenges around protection of data and reputation. 

Using advanced processes, tools and techniques, the team can identify and neutralise an attack in less than 6 minutes. 

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The SOC is responsible for:

  • Providing proactive, 24/7 threat detection and incident response 
  • Monitoring and manage intrusion prevention systems/intrusion detection systems 
  • Helping with patch management and whitelisting 
  • Supplying analysis of security log data from sources across the business 
  • Investigating security breaches to understand the root cause of attacks and prevent future breaches 
  • Enforcing security policies and procedures
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A SOC security service will bring assurances that any cyber attacks will be detected and prevented in real time
DigitalXRaid's SOC security service will safeguard any organisation by using advanced security tools to monitor people

What Does a SOC Team Monitor?

Typically, a SOC team will: 

  • Build a complete view of the customer’s threat landscape across endpoints, servers, software and anything else on premise
  • Assess the business’s security architecture
  • Provide visibility of supply chain services and any traffic that flows between partners and other third parties
  • Monitor event logs and activity across network infrastructure, cloud environments, end user devices, applications and databases
  • Build a thorough picture of the organisation’s security posture
  • Perform regular vulnerability assessments to identify any weaknesses that could be exploited, so new threats or vulnerabilities can be logged in the risk register with damage and remediation costs outlined
  • Offer Security and Event Management (SIEM) and Extended detection and response (XDR) technology to expand on traditional SIEM functions
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How to Choose the Best SOC Security Service

The key areas to look out for when choosing a managed security service provider are: 

  • Are they bringing cost efficiencies compared with building a function in-house? 
  • Are you getting access to highly qualified cyber security experts? 
  • The economies of scale the services offer 
  • Are you gaining extra insight into the threat landscape from the aggregate value of threat monitoring for multiple customers? 
  • Are all upgrades to tooling taken care of? 
  • Do they work on a 24/7/365 basis? 
  • Do you have the flexibility to build on resources without constraints?  
  • How easily can you change what you need to monitor without adding workload to your already stretched in-house team?
  • Are they expert professionals with qualifications such as CREST and CHECK accreditations?

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Benefits of DigitalXRAID’s 24/7 SOC Security Service

Our award winning cyber security solution keeps your business safe from threat actors without you needing to update or configure any tooling.

It can identify and neutralise any attack or breach in under six minutes and alert you in real time whenever there is a threat or suspicious incident.  

DigitalXRAID’s CREST accredited security centre operates 24/7/365, with a dedicated team of security analysts monitoring networks, systems and applications. They respond to security events in real time for instant remediation.  

The flagship service helps customers understand and reduce risk, whilst operating as an extension of your own team. We work seamlessly to supply world-class threat detection and response to identify and neutralise an attack under 6 minutes.  

Our XDR (extended detection and response) services include vulnerability management, IDS (Intrusion Detection System) & IPS, threat mining, SOAR (Secure Orchestration and Response), SIEM & log management, endpoint D&R, file integrity monitoring, dark web monitoring and full compliance reporting.  

To learn more how we protect your business or to get a service quote tailored to your organisation’s needs, get in contact with us today. 


What’s different about our SOC cyber security service?

  • The SOC security service provides state of the art tooling and expertise, for less than the cost of one SecOps employee. This supports increased new business through supply chain assurance. 
  • Risk reduction and advanced cyber protection is accessible for SMEs and provides larger enterprises with additional resources, without expanding in-house operations or straining existing IT and security teams  
  • DigitalXRAID’s SOC security service is completely impartial, not looking to push any particular security software sale but is able to offer advice which is in the best interests of the customer 
  • The SOC security service operates 24/7/365 with some of the highest qualified security professionals in the world, holding CCIE (CISCO Certified Internetwork Expert) Security and CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) certifications, amongst others.  
  • The SOC security service is one of the first in the world to hold CREST certification and continues to be in the top 1% globally with this certification 
  • Unlike other providers, DigitalXRAID has achieved government-grade security accreditations on top of the elite CREST certification, with ISO 9001 for Quality Management Systems, ISO 20000 for IT Service Management and Cyber Essentials data security certifications added for complete peace of mind for customers
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