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Operations Centre

Our UK based 24/7 Security Operations Centre can keep your organisation secure all year round.

Hackers don't sleep, neither do we. Let us be your blue team.

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SOC provides 24 / 7 cyber threat protection

Security Operations Centre 20

24 / 7 Monitoring

We will monitor your systems round the clock ensuring that any suspicious activity is tracked and your are protected even when you aren’t in the office.

Security Operations Centre 25

CREST Accredited SOC

1 of 6 companies globally with a CREST Accredited Security Operations Centre. When you choose DigitalXRAID you choose the best.

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Complete Protection

Our SOC covers 8 key areas, so you are getting 8 individual services under one Advanced Threat Detection & Response SOC.

Complete protection built for enterprise
  • What is a Security Operations Centre?

    When it comes to running a cyber security protection program, keeping full control of every aspect of your security operations is vital. That’s why we’ve invested in an in-house Security Operations Centre (SOC), staffed by trained, certified and experienced cyber security professionals.

  • Security Operations Centre 11

    SIEM & Log Management

    DigitalXRAID’s managed Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is a 24/7 cyber threat protection service, monitoring your infrastructure, systems, network, and applications for security events.

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  • Security Operations Centre 12

    Intrusion Detection System

    Through close monitoring of network events and real-time analysis for possible security red flags, DigitalXRAID can prevent network violations and threats to security. As threat actors continuously update their tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) it is necessary for network defenders to constantly be on the lookout for new types of attacks and indicators.

    More About IDS
  • Security Operations Centre 13

    Threat Mining

    A dedicated and experienced SOC Analyst will utilise our unique methodology to perform a deep dive into an ocean of machine data generated by the client organisation’s assets, services and endpoints to turn “unknown unknowns” into “previously unknowns”. Uncover threats that would otherwise go undetected due to outdated detection content or bleeding edge adversary TTPs.

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  • Security Operations Centre 14

    Dark Web Monitoring

    Gone are the days when compromised credentials and adversary communication could be found simply on the surface web by an organisation. Modern encryption and privacy mechanisms mean that this is no longer possible. DigitalXRAID utilises industry-leading Dark Web monitoring technology to monitor known locations on the dark and inaccessible corners of the internet for indicators of compromise pertaining to an organisation.

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  • Security Operations Centre 15

    File Integrity Monitoring

    Cyber attackers will often attempt to modify your critical system files in order to gain a foothold on your network and infrastructure. File Integrity Monitoring enables the DigitalXRAID SOC to quickly detect and respond to any activity of this nature, keeping your files safe at all times.

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  • Security Operations Centre 16

    Continuous Vulnerability Monitoring

    With total attack surface visibility and continuous threat intelligence, Vulnerability Control analyses risk in the context of your vulnerabilities, your network and exploits in the wild.

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  • Security Operations Centre 17


    In May 2017, when the infamous WannaCry ransomware wrought havoc with networks around the world, a patch that would have protected against the attack had been readily available for nearly two months. This left countless organisations in manufacturing, healthcare and logistics vulnerable, and significant damage was inflicted upon them. It is vital to keep your network updated with the latest security protocols. Our SOC Analysts are on hand to interpret the results of vulnerability scans and provide tailored advice and guidance in an effective and timely manner.

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Let one of our cyber security experts guide you through our SOC platform.


Why choose DigitalXRAID to manage your security operations?

For most organisations and companies these days, maintaining a high level of cyber security couldn’t be more important. Not only is it key to protect customers and users’ personal but to protect financial information.

Benefits of a Security Operations Centre
  • Get round-the-clock protection, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Receive ongoing support from industry-leading cyber security professionals
  • Spot security breaches before they happen with real-time monitoring
  • Speak to our experts any time, day or night, with our dedicated telephone line
  • Stay two steps ahead of the cyber criminals with our up-to-the-minute reporting
  • Get the best possible advice for your company with our custom-made service
  • Shore up your cyber defences with our vulnerability scans
  • Get peace of mind with ongoing advice, support and guidance from the best cyber defence team in the business

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