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Why Cyber Security Needs To Be On Your 2020 Road Map

Whether your a small business or large you are still under threat of a cyber attack. The threat is only going to grow larger as technology evolves and as hackers evolve. You should never think “we are too small to be attacked” or “we are doing enough to stop an attack”, it’s is not a ‘could’ it is a ‘when’. The cost of a data breach last year was £3.1 million.

If you are a start-up or small business you need to start looking at the fundamental cyber security implementations. One of the easiest and cost effective things to do is Cyber Essentials. For less than £15 a week you can protect your business from 80% of threats. If you bolster this with regular vulnerability assessments you can stay ahead of any vulnerabilities before they become something much worse.

If you are an SME you should look at taking your cyber security to the next level. Penetration Testing & Phishing training are 2 great ways of protecting your business. A Penetration Test will mimic a real world attack and let you know exactly what could happen if you get hacked. Phishing training will help your employees understand how to deal with phishing emails. Phishing emails are often the first place an attacker will start. We also recommend that SME’s look into implementing the ISO27001 standard as it will provide the right controls to protect your information.

If you are a large organisation you need to do everything possible to protect your business. If you get hacked it will be vastly more costly than if an SME gets hacked. If you lose access to your systems you could lose access to lots of revenue. If you are concious about ensuring your business is protected day and night you may want to consider a Security Operations Centre. Our Advanced Threat Detection & Response SOC will protect your business 365 days a year. Hackers don’t sleep, and neither do we.

If you are unsure about where to start, or what to do next get in touch. Our team will be happy to help you put a plan together for 2020 and ensure your business is safe.


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