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Why a SOC Could Be Right For You

A Security Operations Centre is often seen as one of the highest forms of cyber security for a business. With this reputation, a lot of businesses see it as something they cannot have due to financial reasons. There is a common misconception attached to it. We are going to take the misconception away.

What is a Security Operations Centre

A Security Operations Centre (SOC) is a centralised facility designed to
analyse, manage and assess every aspect of an organisation’s cyber security
programme. Creating your own in-house Security Operations Centre is a
huge undertaking, and before embarking on such an ambitious project, you’ll
need to prepare a comprehensive budget. Thats what makes DigitalXRAID’s Advanced Threat Detection & Response SOC different.

Cost of an In House SOC

To have a SOC in house you have to consider 3 key elements:

  • The initial investment required for building the SOC (construction costs,
    equipment, staffing).
  • Recurring expenses for operating the SOC (salaries, maintenance &
    upkeep, utilities, training).
  • A buffer for any unexpected expenses (new technologies, staff
    replacements, repairs).

So if you take these 3 into considerations your costings are going to be well over £500,000. No wonder there is a misconception attached to a SOC.

Now to help you digest £500,000 and help you understand that it can be different.


To hire an accredited security professional your looking at over £36,000 for the right person. So to hire a team that can protect your business your looking at over £100,000. Our SOC has a team of highly accredited SOC analysts that work around the clock to protect our customers. The difference is that we can protect our customers for the cost of 1 security professional.

For £36,000 per year you could have 24/7/365 protections. Sounds a little bit better than £500,000 right?

From the start of DigitalXRAID to now and the future we want our clients to have the best cyber security at an affordable price.

Whats next?

Get in touch with us and get your SOC journey started, and you could be protected day and night at an affordable price!

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