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Cyber Essentials:

Government Approved Accreditation

Cyber Essentials is a government endorsed accreditation that demonstrates the commitment of your organisation to protecting your users’ data. It shows that you value your customers and respect their right to privacy.

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Demonstrate Your Commitment to Security

Cyber Essentials demonstrates that your organisation is security conscious. It shows your customers that you take the threat of online attacks seriously, and you recognise the importance of putting strategies in place to keep their data safe and secure.

Protect Against 80% of Online Threats

Cyber Essentials will protect you against the majority of online threats, so you and your employees can surf the net with confidence.

Win Government Tenders

In order to win government tenders your organisation must have the Cyber Essentials Certification. So, if you’re looking to bid for government contracts, you need to get serious about your security.

What makes DigitalXRAID’s Cyber Essentials Service right for you?

Get Certified Within 24 Hours

Our highly-trained experts will guide you through the process step by step, helping you attain your certification within 24 hours.

Pass Guarantee or Your Money Back

Working closely with our in-house experts, we’ll take the stress out of achieving your certification. And, if you don’t pass we’ll issue a full refund.

Over 1,000 Satisfied Customers

We’ve helped certify and secure over 1,000 customers.


We provide both Cyber Essentials & Cyber Essentials Plus certification assistance to suit the needs of any business.

Cyber Essentials

The Basic Cyber Essentials Package

  • Demonstrate your commitment to security
  • Protect against 80% of threats
  • Over 1,000 satisfied customers
  • Get certified within 24 hours
  • Pass guarantee or your money back

Cyber Essentials PLUS

A more comprehensive certification for larger companies or higher-risk security requirements

  • Apply for MOD level contracts
  • Regulations may require Cyber Essentials Plus for compliance purposes
  • Get certified within 48 hours
  • On-site assessment

Learn about Cyber Essentials Plus

Cyber Essentials Plus follows the same principles as our other security packages, with the added support of on-site testing. As with Cyber Essentials, we use the self-assessment questionnaire alongside an external vulnerability scan to test your systems and check for any weak spots. However, Cyber Essentials Plus takes this one step further, targeting your organisation’s internet facing infrastructure, workstations and servers, in order to highlight any issues that were not picked up by the initial assessment. Cyber Essentials Plus gives you the added peace of mind that your current software meets all the minimum security requirements.

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Pass Guarantee or Your Money Back

We’ll guide you through the process step by step, ensuring you meet all the requirements necessary to pass your Cyber Essentials Certification at the very first attempt. Before the certification itself, we’ll put you through your paces with a mock certification, so you know exactly what to expect; and, if for some reason you don’t pass first time, we’ll provide re-sits free of charge until you do.

  • We give you the opportunity to mitigate all failure factors, then we issue the certification
The Five Security Controls Covered by Cyber Essentials

The Five Security Controls Covered by Cyber Essentials

The Five Security Controls Covered by Cyber Essentials

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  • 01 Malware


    Complete Malware Protection

    Malware protection includes preventing known ransomware, spyware, and trojans from running within your organisation’s network. This helps prevent your workstations and documents from being attacked.

  • 02 Firewalls



    By restricting your inbound and outbound traffic only to authorised connections, a boundary firewall can effectively protect against commodity cyber threats.

  • 03 Patch Management

    Patch Management

    Patch Management

    Keeping your software updated with the latest security features reduces the risk of exploitation through known vulnerabilities that allow attackers to access your data.

  • 04 Access Management

    Access Management

    Access Management

    It is vital to protect your network from the impact of user accounts with privileged access being compromised. The principle of least privilege should be applied to user accounts by limiting access where appropriate.

  • 05 Secure Configuration

    Secure Configuration

    Secure Configuration

    By applying some simple security controls when installing computers or network devices, inherent weaknesses in default settings can be reduced, increasing the level of protection against cyber attacks.

Why Trust Us

DigitalXRAID is committed to providing cutting-edge cyber security solutions for businesses everywhere, and, put simply, we’re the experts in our field. Cyber criminals are constantly finding new ways to infiltrate your organisation and harvest your sensitive data, and we can help you fight back. Using state-of-the-art tools and techniques, we’ll protect your digital assets, shield you from cyber threats, and make sure you stay two steps ahead of the criminals.

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