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COVID-19 doesn’t stop DigitalXRAID

The Coronavirus has been affecting the world for a couple of months now, the UK for around a month. We know a lot of companies have been affected by this really difficult period.

We want all our customers to know that we are still rallying on and it is not stopping us from providing the best cyber security services. The biggest change for our business is that every service is being conducted remotely. DigitalXRAID are in a strong position and all of our staff have still got their valued positions in the business.

We know how difficult it is for everyone at the moment and if you are going through a difficult time you are not alone. We are here to help you. With thousands of new web domains being created on a daily basis, cyber threats are on the rise.

Hackers/cyber-criminals are taking advantage of this difficult time and targeting businesses that are not able to keep a close eye on their cyber security. We want to help you fill that gap.


Our phishing analysis support is now completely free-of-charge. We will analyse phishing emails and report back to you, letting you know if they are safe or not, and what impact they could have on your business. Don’t become distracted and let your network fall into the hands of someone that will hold it for ransom. The price you are paying for COVID-19 could increase because of a cyber attack.

Security Operations Centre

24/7 cyber security is often seen as unnatainable for most businesses which simply isn’t the case. Our threat analysts work around the clock (even remotely) protecting our clients every hour of the day. You can trial this service for a week completely FREE-of-charge and understand the threats to your business. It is when you are not looking that an attacker strikes, so that’s why our CREST Certified SOC never stops looking. Complete protection for one week, for free!

Cyber Security Experts

Accredited and regulated, we're in the top 1% of cyber security agencies globally

Crown Commercial Service Supplier Cyber Essentials Plus ISO 27001 BSI ISO 9001 CHECK NCSC Cyber Incident Response CREST

We’re trusted by the UK Government as Crown Commercial Service providers as well as being accredited by two of the leading cyber security governing bodies. Our ISO9001 certification means you can rest assured our processes and approach are market leading.

Protect Your Business & Your Reputation.

With a continued focus on security, you can rest assured that breaches and exploits won't be holding you back.

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