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Medical Research Institute
Case Study 

How a Medical Research Institute were able to secure digital assets fast following a highly publicised breach
Security Operations Centre (SOC)
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red team penetration testing

The Requirement

A UK based medical research institute, that specialised in Phase 1 and Phase 2 of medical trials, was supporting the Government by providing a no-cost Covid-19 testing service for NHS staff.  

The research institute was also on standby to perform live trials of coronavirus vaccines for the Government.  

The medical research institute operated with a highly diverse and dispersed infrastructure that included a hybrid cloud environment.     

Following a highly publicised breach by MAZE group during the COVID-19 outbreak, the research institute needed to secure its digital assets urgently.  

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The Solution

Without delay, the medical research institute’s senior management team approached DigitalXRAID for an urgent professional consultation, as they were under active attack.  

Following a comprehensive impact assessment, DigitalXRAID were able to identify and agree a security action plan, which commenced immediately. Penetration testing was used to ascertain the research institute’s current security posture and potential exposure to further attack.  

DigitalXRAID’s 24/7 Security Operations Centre (SOC) service, which is powered by Extended Detection & Response tooling, and is one of only a handful of its kind in the world due to its CREST accreditation, was implemented within a matter of weeks.  

For the medical research institute, this means DigitalXRAID has effectively become their in-house cyber security team, constantly monitoring activity on their network, identifying threats and vulnerabilities as they arise, pro-actively improving security, and providing consultation and support as and when needed. 

A thorough incident response plan and investigation was conducted with the reports presented to government agencies both on and offshore. 

Why did the Medical Research Institute choose DigitalXRAID?

The attack on this critical infrastructure at a time of a national health crisis seems unfathomable, cruel and counter-intuitive.

Upon recommendation of one of their main suppliers, DigitalXRAID was engaged, and offered support and guidance prior to the enactment of the solutions to take action against the attack.

The swift action of the medical research institute’s senior management team in engaging a professional cyber-security company to resolve their problems was decisive. DigitalXRAID was able to provide its reputable and highly certified team of experts to guide them through this stressful time.  

A spokesperson for the Research Institute said “The fact that we can call DigitalXRAID at any time, night or day, has been fundamental to regaining a sense of control and security. DigitalXRAID has been our unswerving support, and we want this to continue moving forward”.

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