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The Price of a Data Breach

Nobody wants their data to be stolen, but not everybody is doing all they can to protect their data. The major cause to this is “why would anyone try to hack my company”. Which is the exact opposite of what you should be thinking. A hacker would look to find such a business, a business that doesn’t expect to be hacked is exactly the type of business that a hacker will hack. Its not just the financial threat that must be considered, a data breach can affect your entire business.

Data Loss

If you suffer an attack an attacker could modify, delete or duplicate your data. Every business needs to consider the consequences of this happening. Most businesses have a record of PID (Personal Identifiable Data), this sensitive data needs to be kept secure. The less secure this data is kept, the quicker the hacker will be able to get to it. For a business there are 2 key cyber security measures they can take to assess the threat landscape.

  • Penetration Testing
    • An ethical hack into your systems to identify the threats and how they can be exploited allowing your business to make the necessary counter measures
  • Security Operations Centre
    • 24/7/365 protection of your business. Our Advanced Threat Detection & Response SOC can identify a threat in your network in seconds and notify you immediately

Commercial Loss

If a business has suffered an attack it could potentially leave your systems compromised and unusable. Can your business sustain no system use for even 1 day? If your systems are affected you could suffer commercial damage. Commercial damage can effect you in 2 ways;

  • Ransomware
    • This is where an attacker holds your business in ransom, and blackmails you for a fee for release, often this will be bitcoin
  • Business Payments
    • If you cannot use your systems you will be unable to take payments. If you have an e-commerce business it could mean your website being down, which means no revenue coming in at all

Reputational Damage

Talk Talk, British Airways and many more have been affected by cyber attacks. These organisations have suffered such reputational damage that it has affected their revenue. If you have a brand that you are proud of an attack could really change the way customers perceive it. It wont be something you can get back in a hurry. Talk Talk & British Airways are still feeling the effects of the attack to this day.

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We’re trusted by the UK Government as Crown Commercial Service providers as well as being accredited by two of the leading cyber security governing bodies. Our ISO9001 certification means you can rest assured our processes and approach are market leading.

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