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SOC 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Security Operations Centres



With complex digital threats now occurring daily, cybersecurity has never been more crucial to the modern corporate world. As a result, companies must prioritise and invest in their cybersecurity and online safety. A Security Operations Centre (SOC) acts as a digital shield for businesses, forming the first line of defence against cyber attacks.

We want to help you understand the vital role that a SOC plays when it comes to fortifying your business’s cyber defences, so we’ve assembled this comprehensive beginner’s guide to SOC. We’ll start with the basics, then move on to more specific use cases and key areas to consider, before finally addressing how to measure the effectiveness of a SOC to ensure you’re getting true value for money.

Understanding the Basics of SOC

A SOC, at its core, is a centralised unit within a business that manages and oversees everything related to cybersecurity and the protection of the company’s digital assets. It’s a hub that continuously monitors potential threats, identifies suspicious activity, and engages in threat response to prevent or mitigate any potential security breaches. Crucially, a SOC combines a suite of advanced technology coupled with the expertise of a skilled team of professionals to provide a complete and robust defence against even the most advanced threats.

A SOC is an integral part of an organisation’s incident management processes. It enables the early detection and identification of potential threats, while also playing a decisive role in any response — both proactive and reactive. A SOC will have an extremely well-defined set of processes and procedures regarding any incidents, enabling swift action to minimise the impact of a security breach on the business.

Beyond incident response, SOCs are also responsible for the continuous monitoring of all network activities and proactive threat hunting, intending to identify and neutralise threats before they can cause significant harm.

Why Your Company Needs a SOC: The DigitalXRAID Approach

A well-managed and effective SOC is a necessity for modern businesses. However, they take time to build and implement properly. DigitalXRAID offers a bespoke approach that’s specifically tailored to your business’s needs. We bring years of experience in the field, with a team of experts available to provide 24/7 security.

We make sure all of your systems are not only secure but that they meet any of the complex compliance that may exist within your industry. We understand that every business is unique, and make sure that the SOC we build for you fits your specific needs.

Considering the advanced and evolving nature of modern cyber attacks, having robust incident response plans is vital. We employ our rapid detection and response capabilities to minimise downtime and the resultant impact it has on your business. Our 24/7 proactive monitoring provides round-the-clock support so that you can get on with running your business, safe in the knowledge that you’re protected by some of the most advanced technologies and experts.

DigitalXRAID goes beyond conventional security, offering tailored solutions, rapid response, and continuous vigilance. In a world of constant cyber threats, having a SOC isn’t just smart — it’s essential for the longevity and continued success of your business.

Setting Up Your SOC: Key Considerations and Steps

To build a successful SOC, two of the biggest components to consider are the correct technologies and the buildout of your expert team.

Your technology and tool stack should combine cybersecurity best practices with industry-specific tools to provide protection that has appropriate width and depth. Care needs to be taken to ensure that any tools or technologies selected will easily integrate with your existing systems while still being able to scale in line with your business’s strategic growth.

Next, you’ll need to assemble your team of cybersecurity professionals. You’ll again need a mix of generalists and individuals who intrinsically know your industry and its related tools. These professionals will drive effective SOC operation and incident management, leveraging the tools provided to keep your organisation safe.

One of the biggest issues you’ll likely encounter is the sheer cost of building an effective SOC. You’ll have to consider the cost of the required infrastructure, tools, and personnel. Following the initial setup, you’ll also have to cover maintenance, salaries, and continued training for your personnel. Instead, why not consider a managed service? At DigitalXRAID, we provide that and more and could save you up to £500,000 when compared to the cost of setting up your team.

Measuring the Success of Your SOC with DigitalXRAID

Measuring the effectiveness of your SOC is also crucial for maintaining robust security postures. Any information gathered can be used to identify weaknesses and areas for improvement, while also optimising your systems to be at their most efficient.

To measure how successful your SOC is, you’ll need to set some Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that you can track over time. One of the keys to this process is ensuring that the KPIs you select align with your existing strategic business objectives. For example, industries such as banking will have extremely strict regulatory requirements that have to be adhered to. Your SOC should, therefore, implement controls that align with these requirements. Your key metrics should also match this to ensure that you can quantify their success.

Additionally, you should aim to benchmark the performance of your SOC against existing industry standards and best practices. This allows you to ensure that both your technologies and your expert personnel — the two key components of a SOC — are maintaining a competitive edge when compared with the industry as a whole.

At DigitalXRAID, our SOC offerings are built around ongoing evaluation and continuous improvement. We use expert insights from our network of elite teams, in conjunction with advanced analytics to ensure we’re keeping the businesses we work with at the forefront of the ever-evolving world of cybersecurity.

Embrace the Future of Cybersecurity with SOC

With both the rates and sophistication of cybercrime rising daily, securing your digital data and presence should be one of your top priorities in the corporate sphere. The impact of a significant breach can have massive negative ramifications on your organisation’s reputation — and therefore your bottom line.

A SOC can be your frontline defence against attacks like these by actively identifying and reacting to them ahead of time. The combination of advanced security technologies and an expert team can add significant value to your organisation, safeguarding you for years to come.

Make sure you consider your business as a whole so that you can figure out exactly what your individual SOC needs are. DigitalXRAID can help you figure out exactly what you need, and build a fully tailored solution to suit the unique challenges facing you, both now and in the future.

An effective and responsive SOC could be the catalyst that gives your business the security and peace of mind needed to begin to rapidly scale in other areas. Take control of your future today, and come speak with one of our experts to see exactly how our services can secure your business.

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