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Leveraging ISO 27001 and NIST to Meet DORA Requirements

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Roadmap to DORA

Navigate the complexities of the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) with confidence by understanding how existing frameworks like ISO 27001:2022 and the NIST Cybersecurity Framework can facilitate compliance.

This ebook provides you with a comprehensive guide to aligning your cybersecurity practices with the rigorous demands of DORA. 

Read the eBook to get:

Insight into DORA’s Key Requirements: Gain a clear understanding of what DORA expects from financial institutions in terms of cybersecurity and operational resilience. 
Comparative Analysis: Learn how ISO 27001:2022 and the NIST Framework align with DORA mandates, providing a robust foundation for compliance.
Practical Gap Analysis: Discover methods to assess and address the gaps between your current practices and DORA’s requirements.
Strategic Compliance Roadmap: Get actionable steps to achieve full compliance by January 2025, ensuring you meet all regulatory expectations. 
Enhanced Cybersecurity Posture: Explore how meeting DORA compliance can also strengthen your overall cybersecurity measures.
Continuous Improvement Strategies: Understand the importance of ongoing monitoring and adaptation in maintaining compliance and responding to emerging threats. 

Read the eBook to learn more. 

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