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4 Common ISO 27001 Mistakes and How to Avoid Them



As technology continues to develop at a rapid pace, the world is becoming more and more aware of just how important digital security is. Breaches and leaks can cause significant damage to a company’s reputation — and its revenue — so staying on top of best practices when it comes to information security management is key.

ISO 27001 is the only auditable international standard governing this area and lets your customers, partners and clients know that you take the security of their information seriously. However, implementing ISO 27001 isn’t always a straightforward task and it’s easy to make mistakes throughout the process. With that in mind, we’ve identified four of the most common mistakes we see with ISO 27001 implementation, and give you the key steps to avoiding each one so that your path to ISO 27001 compliance can be as clear and as easy as possible.

Adopting an Ambitious or Narrow Approach


The most common mistake we see is getting the scope of your information security management system (ISMS) wrong. Some companies are far too ambitious with their scope, leading to targets they simply can’t reach. This can demoralise a team who are working diligently to try and meet their metrics but still ends up falling short.

Alternatively, you can also constrain your scope too much, narrowing it to the point that you end up with non-conformities during your certification audit. A critical aspect of the ISO 27001 standard is showing that you have comprehensive control over your ISMS, and an overly narrow scope goes directly against this.

One strategic tool to help with this could be outsourcing the process. Some organisations simply might not have the in-house expertise to fully address all of the areas they need to. Specialised vendors, such as DigitalXRAID, can ensure every facet required is addressed within your ISMS, while also providing recommendations on a realistic yet comprehensive approach to defining your scope.

Lack of Roles and Responsibilities


Another common ISO 27001 policy mistake is a distinct lack of clear roles and responsibilities. Some organisations treat ISO 27001 as an isolated project purely for their IT department. By neglecting the involvement of the entire organisation, you’re risking many outside of the IT team not understanding its importance. ISO 27001 is a company-wide endeavour that requires clear communication across all levels. Everybody needs to know their own role and specific responsibilities.

This communication can often be tested, particularly when employee turnover is involved. That’s why a wise option would be to make use of a managed service that’s tailored to your company’s specific needs. We ensure that your cyber protection remains robust and comprehensive at all times, regardless of any personnel changes at your firm. While it’s still wise to define everyone’s role and their specific responsibilities — something we can also help with — a managed service acts as a safety net and can help ensure that your evolving needs are met.

Underestimating the Worth of ISO 27001


Of all of the most common ISO 27001 errors, underestimating its actual worth is one that we see far too often. Some companies may feel that they don’t have a big enough cyber footprint to warrant ISO 27001 certification, while others may simply just not see the value that having such a certification adds to their business.

While there are certainly reputational advantages to implementing ISO 27001, at its core it’s still a structured framework aimed exclusively at safeguarding your organisation from a whole host of cyber-related threats. For example, should you opt for a managed service with DigitalXRAID, we continually test your networks with the view to upgrading them regularly.

It’s not just an investment in reputation but in the security and safety of your business and the information of your customers. For example, by simply conforming with ISO 27001 you can massively increase your level of GDPR compliance — an absolute must in today’s digital age.

Lack of Vigilance After Certification


The final common ISO 27001 mistake we see all too often is a complete lack of vigilance once certification has finally been achieved. It’s easy to celebrate once you’ve become compliant — and you should — but it’s important to remember that ISO 27001 is an ongoing process. Your ISMS needs to be actively updated and tweaked to ensure it can continue to cope with any new threats that emerge.

Keeping on top of this can be a difficult process, particularly for teams who may need to divert their attention elsewhere. This is why a managed service provider can help solve this issue. DigitalXRAID not only helps you prepare for initial compliance but also ensures that you stay ISO 27001 compliant. We use our experience and detailed knowledge of the cyber security space to continuously review and update your ISMS.

We can also provide ongoing training to your team around managing the ISMS to ensure that your team remains in control and fully knowledgeable about what’s being implemented. We conduct monthly reviews against ISO 27001 accreditation standards and controls to provide managed support and protection to your business.

Ensuring Successful ISO 27001 Certification


ISO 27001 compliance is more than a simple certification, it’s a way to safeguard your company’s cyber presence while also communicating to your customers that you care about their protection. While mistakes throughout the process are common, they can all be managed by simply reaching out to a security partner whom you can trust.

Get in touch with DigitalXRAID today to receive guidance specifically tailored to your company’s needs. Our fully managed service can take away the headaches and time costs associated with ISO 27001 and still offer you top-level safety and security.

ISO 27001 certification is an important process, but not always an easy one. There are plenty of mistakes waiting to be made, and all of them could cost you time and money that could be better spent elsewhere. Contact DigitalXRAID today to discuss your cyber security options, avoid mistakes, and fortify your company’s digital needs.

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