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Case Study 

How a UK University matured its cyber security response capabilities to effectively prevent attacks

Security Operations Centre (SOC)
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The Requirement

To allow access to their services, university networks host a large proportion of unmanaged, personal devices to provide connectivity for students, visitors and guests. With these devices now becoming a part of the corporate network, this can become a penetrable backdoor into the university’s IT environment.

A robust cyber security solution is needed in order to protect infrastructure, data and operations.

The University knew they needed to mature their cyber security and response capabilities to effectively prevent attacks. Addressing gaps in their security would mitigate any potential cyber security threats and initial threat analysis would identify the tooling needed to be able to defeat any active attacks or security breaches if they arose.

At first, the university considered implementing a SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) solution and building an internal Security Operations Centre (SOC). However, like many other organisations, they realised that the costs involved, and skill sets needed, to build an effective SOC was beyond their internal resource capability.

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“DigitalXRAID have already proven to be flexible, adaptable, and responsive to our requirements. DigitalXRAID are a thorough and experienced SOC provider who understand that a Security Operations Centre is not one size fits all, as every organisation is different with unique requirements.


We are immediately notified of any security threats and are confident that these are investigated fully, eliminating any risk to the university.”



The Solution

DigitalXRAID implemented bespoke services using a top-down approach for the University. This a highly adaptable, rapid response solution, specifically tailored to meet their exact requirements and to ensure full protection where needed. This means any gaps are filled, and DigitalXRAID can successfully and actively monitor for threats, making sure the University is protected round the clock 24/7/365.

The University’s Security Operations Centre service includes a suite of services for advanced detection and response, including IDS & IPS Systems, SIEM & Log Management, Threat Mining, Endpoint Detection & Response and Dark Web and Vulnerability Monitoring.

For more information, read the full case study.

The Results

Outsourcing their SOC has been a time and cost-effective way to assure full protection of the university’s organisation, including IT infrastructure, data and operations.

DigitalXRAID removed all of the workload needed, performing an initial analysis of the University’s infrastructure, identifying where any gaps in security were, providing recommendations to safeguard the organisation and ongoing monitoring for complete protection against cyberattacks.

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