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Supply Chain Specialist
Case Study 

How a Supply Chain Specialist took a proactive approach to shore up their security in the face of increased threat

Penetration Testing
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The Requirement

An innovative supply chain specialist offering chilled and frozen ambient supply solutions, including packing, storage and distribution, to large manufacturers and retail brands, was concerned by the recent increase in high profile cyberattacks.

Senior management at the organisation made the decision to be proactive, in order to safeguard their business and operations and protect their reputation with important customers and partners.

The company had seen a period of high growth and digital transformation over the last 2 years, with software solutions deployed to streamline operations.

With the addition of digital solutions to improve efficiency for partners and staff, the company needed to ensure that there were no gaps in their security and that internal processes couldn’t leave them vulnerable to attack.

They identified that they needed to implement vulnerability scanning and penetration testing to ensure that both web applications and internal systems and processes were properly protected.

For more information, read the full case study.

“Given that this was the first time we had undertaken security testing at this level, we needed a managed security service provider who could guide us through the process as well as provide a thorough service.


Following the successful completion of the testing I would have no hesitation in recommending DigitalXRAID’s services. Absolutely 5-star service.


We look forward to working with DigitalXRAID on further security projects ensuring complete security protection and peace of mind for the business during a time of high-profile threat against our industry.”

Supply Chain Specialist

The supply chain specialist engaged DigitalXRAID to initially perform a vulnerability scan on their systems and networks to identify any security weaknesses and potential exploitable vulnerabilities. DigitalXRAID was able to perform the scan using specialist tooling to detect any exposures and cross reference them with databases of known flaws and exploits. This gave the company the advantage of proactively addressing gaps before any vulnerability could be exploited by cyber criminals.

Following the vulnerability scan DigitalXRAID also delivered a tailored Web Application Penetration Testing Service, which examined configuration and application security thoroughly. Over 6 days, the team conducted comprehensive tests, maintaining regular contact on the progress and outcome at each stage. At the end of the testing period, DigitalXRAID supplied a detailed report highlighting and categorising application vulnerabilities into low, medium, high and critical priorities.

For a comprehensive evaluation of their security, the suppply chain specialist also asked DigitalXRAID to run Internal Penetration Testing on infrastructure including WiFi, VPN (Virtual Private Network), internal workstations and servers. DigitalXRAID conducted extensive testing, looking for any flaws in internal networks and processes.

For more information, read the full case study.

Why DigitalXRAID?
With cyberattacks active within their industry the company was looking for a security partner who understood the urgency of their situation and that they could implicitly trust.

The supply chain specialist chose DigitalXRAID to conduct their vulnerability scan and penetration testing because of the high level of security standards which had been achieved, including both CREST and CHECK accreditations.

Having an external partner with this level of qualification and trust provides the organisation’s enterprise customers with full reassurance that they are protected and that the supply chain specialist will continue to supply a secure and unrivalled service.

The company have been able to shore up security by ensuring internal processes don’t leave them vulnerable and that they are guarded against active threats from cyber criminals.

Following the initial engagement with DigitalXRAID, the supply chain specialist will be looking to implement regular penetration testing. They are also looking to deploy training to address the possibility of human error and give them protection against phishing attacks by educating employees about cyber threats and their role in protecting the organisation.

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