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Case Study 

How Netsells protects its digital assets and infrastructure and strengthens stakeholder confidence with cyber security

Penetration Testing
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The Requirement

Netsells are a global digital product company working across web and mobile. Based in the heart of York, they started from humble beginnings in the seaside town of Scarborough. They now span across 40+ countries and work with a range of clients across the world including household name brands, government agencies and high-potential start-ups. They deliver complex digital projects and programmes across organisations and their wider ecosystems and in doing so support successful businesses of the future enabling them to discover, design and develop technologies that will put them ahead of the competition. 

As a growing business, Netsells understands the need to protect their digital assets and infrastructure.

Both Cyber Essentials Plus and Penetration Testing are necessary for Netsells to ensure peace of mind for both themselves and customers. By providing stakeholder confidence they are better equipped to be successful in their field, retain customers and acquire new ones.  

Cyber security for law firms

“DigitalXRAID provided a positive feeling throughout the process. From the start they understood our needs and provided a professional service with open communication throughout our journey with them.”

Al Foster, Account Director, Netsells

DigitalXRAID provided a complete tailored service. Netsells underwent an onboarding process to ensure they recognised what DigitalXRAID were doing at every stage of their analysis. Additionally, it confirmed DigitalXRAID understood Netsells working environment and company structure so they could provide a thorough and comprehensive examination of Netsells security. Highlighting their vulnerabilities and categorising them into low, medium, and high priority helped Netsells understand the severity of the repercussions if they were to be breached. Categorising their vulnerabilities also enabled Netsells to organise and start resolving any weaknesses that they had.

Throughout the process DigitalXRAID kept in continuous communication with Netsells, ensuring they were updated regularly with DigitalXRAID’s progression at every stage. During the penetration testing DigitalXRAID educated and informed clearly on what actions were being taken, and provided thorough but easy to understand reports with all important and relevant information.

Why did Netsells choose DigitalXRAID?
As a web development agency, Netsells duty was not only to protect themselves but also their clients and their intellectual property. DigitalXRAID were highly recommended as Netsells had previously used their services with their own clients so understood the expertise DigitalXRAID provided as well as the clear communication they provided at every step of the journey.  

Netsells were looking for a company they could trust and their prior experiences with DigitalXRAID had demonstrated that their professionalism, expertise and support could be counted on. Being one of the most accredited and certified companies in not only the UK, but the world, DigitalXRAID were the only company for the job. Netsells Al Forster, Account Director, said that “DigitalXRAID provided a positive feeling throughout the process, from the start they understood our needs and provided a professional service with open communication throughout our journey with them”. 

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