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How Airmic maintain business security and compliance to safeguard their organisation against attackers.

Penetration Testing
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The Requirement

Airmic is a platform for professionals to access training and research, share information and ideas, and encourage best practice in the risk management and insurance community. It is vital that their cyber security is robust, with no vulnerabilities a hacker could exploit. Due to compliance regulations, they need to implement annual Penetration Testing to maintain business security and to safeguard their organisation against attackers.

Cyber attack and ransomware are frequent and growing risks for cloud-based organisations, where customer data can be held hostage and there is no guarantee it will be released, even if an organisation meets the hackers’ demands. Airmic understand that the nature of their business means they are constantly at risk: an annual Penetration Test is not just about ticking compliance boxes; it ensures ongoing cyber protection, showing they care about their clients’ privacy and data.

“We chose DigitalXRAID because of their reputation for delivering a well-organised, comprehensive and professional service.


DigitalXRAID were communicative and approachable, making sure that we understood the processes and structure of the Penetration Test, and answering any questions as they arose.


DigitalXRAID offered an ongoing cost-efficient service which provided us with the peace of mind that our organisation would be protected, and our members’ information would remain secure within the cloud-based community.”


Airmic is an association for everyone who has a responsibility for risk management and insurance in their organisation. They support members through training and research, sharing information through their diverse special programme of events, encouraging best practice, and covering subjects which directly affect risk managers and insurance buyers.

They provide a platform where professionals can remain in touch and communicate with each other, sharing ideas and information. Their mentoring scheme is designed to help members develop their professional skillset and learn new techniques to progress their careers.

Airmic use bespoke matching technology to allow mentors to offer their skills to members who need or seek support in specific career or personal areas, and for mentees to identify a mentor with the experience to suit their development needs.

It is vital that an organisation such as Airmic, which uses cloud-based information sharing platforms where multiple users can connect, prioritises their cyber security. They can easily become a lucrative target for hackers looking for sensitive data.

DigitalXRAID’s process:
We have been Airmic’s security partner since 2017, providing cost-effective solutions that are offered at a reduced rate per annum in recognition of Airmic’s loyalty. We know that long-term partnerships are most effective where cyber security is concerned.

We have consistently offered a quick service, delivering accurate and meaningful results. All our reports are presented in an easy to understand format, and we are always happy to answer any questions.

By choosing an ongoing solution, any cyber security vulnerabilities can be picked up and remedied. Airmic can now be confident that their cloud-based organisation is a secure space for their clients and their data. It gives peace of mind to them and their members.

If you would like more information on our managed service for penetration testing, get in touch with our team of experts today.

Why did Airmic choose DigitalXRAID?
Airmic chose DigitalXRAID because they offer a well-organised, detailed, and comprehensive service. DigitalXRAID were communicative and approachable, making sure that Airmic understood the processes and structure of the Penetration Test, and answering any question if they arose. 

DigitalXRAID offered an ongoing cost-efficient service which provided Airmic with peace of mind, knowing that their organisation would be protected, and their members information would remain secure through any changes or updates that may be implemented to their cloud-based community. 

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