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6 Reasons That Cyber Security Threats Are Here To Stay

Cyberspace lies right at the heart of modern society, affecting us at work and at play and all our essential services. We use the internet to shop, bank, socialise and pretty much everything in between. With access to the online world so widespread, easy and portable it is only becoming more and more central in everyday life and with it cyber security threats are also growing all the more. There is no chance of cyber security threats relenting or disappearing, the more advanced security becomes the more criminals respond in kind. You can no longer ignore cyber threats, hoping they will one day just fade away. Every business needs a cyber strategy, a well thought out plan as to how you will offer security to your customers.

Here are just 6 reasons why cyber security threats are going nowhere:

Always Developing

As IT develops and security systems advance so do the technologies of hackers and cyber criminals. Their attacks continue to evolve at equal pace, matching technology when it is developed. Whilst security programs protect and defend your business to some extent, the best move is to have a cyber liability policy in place in case of attack.

Highly Professional

Long gone are the days of security threats coming from individuals with a cyber-mischief hobby. Today’s cyber-attacks are professional criminals, in groups and organisations. Most big cyber security threats come from terrorist groups and crime syndicates. Attacks on smaller businesses may come from individuals but most of them are seasoned professional criminals in the cyber sphere.

Complete Competence

Hacking, code cracking and cyber-mischief in general is done with a level of confidence and competence never seen before. Criminals in cyberspace are developing and evolving their technologies as quickly if not quicker than most organisations are able to defend against. Their sophistication is also unparalleled, which leaves smaller business in a very vulnerable position. The best form of defence is a well thought out cyber strategy that has defence mechanisms in place.

Many Angles

Unfortunately, cyber threats come from many different angles and appear in many different forms. You can’t just protect against threats you have seen before you must have a strategy to protect your business from threats you are yet to experience. You must anticipate attacks from any angle at the code and network level and beyond and then protect your company in that regard.

Access All Areas

One reason that cyber threats remain such a big threat is the real lack of security many companies have. Forty years ago you never would have suggested building a shop with no locks on the doors yet many small and medium sized businesses’ have just this attitude when it comes to IT and cyber security. It is not an optional extra but a necessity. Until we make security a priority cyber criminals have access all areas!

Global Disbursement

The way of the world and of the internet today means that criminal syndicates can be located anywhere in the world, with members across continents yet working together to perform attacks on citizens and companies in any other country. It makes it so easy for criminals to work together and to attack unsuspecting individuals elsewhere in the world.

The best way to deal with cybercrime is to acknowledge that it really is here to stay and to take it very seriously. You need to constantly update and assess your cyber security and have a real action plan in place for the safety of your business and your customers.

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