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10 Shocking Cyber Security Stats of 2019

The threat of cyber crime isn’t going to go down, and 2019 has shown us exactly that. With technology progressing and introducing new and wonderful things to market the threats are going to keep rising.

14 Seconds

That’s how often a ransomware attack happens. An attack could happen to any business, so it is important that you are doing everything you can to mitigate the risk of attack.


88% of breaches are caused by human error. You need to ask yourself: are you doing everything you can to train and educate everyone in your business?


95% of all succesful attacks start with a phishing email. Can you avoid an attack? Our managed phishing service can help you mitigate this risk so you don’t become a victim.

29.5 Days

That’s how long it takes on average for a breach to be found and reported. Our Advanced Threat Detection & Response Security Operations Centre can reduce this to a matter of seconds and minutes


43% of cyber attacks are targeted at Small/Medium Sized Businesses. So when you are thinking you are too small to be a target, an attacker is thinking any business is a target


USA ranks number 1 for the number of cyber attacks.

1.16 Billion

The number of email addresses and passwords exposed in 2019. An easy way to check if your email address is compromised is using – https://haveibeenpwned.com/

20.4 Billion

The number of IoT devices that will exist by 2020.


Only 2% of IT budget is used for cyber security on average. Are you investing enough in the security of your business.


46% of all websites have a high cyber security vulnerability. You can get regular vulnerability assessments with our packages so you can avoid these high vulnerabilities and ensure your web application is protected.

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