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Why the Top UK Organisations Are Using a 24/7/365 Cyber Security Service to Protect Their Digital Infrastructure? 

What is a 24/7/365 cyber security SOC service? 

SOC, or a Security Operations Centre, is an in-house or external facility which houses an information security team who monitor and analyse an organisation’s security on an ongoing basis.

The SOC team detect, analyse, and respond to any cyber security event, threat or incident, ensuring your business remains secure and always protected. With all systems monitored around the clock, and all suspicious activity tracked, your organisation is protected even when you are not in the office.  

“Can we do this in-house?” 

A perfectly reasonable question to ask. Why can’t you run your own Security Operations Team in-house with a team monitoring your own security? Well, the costs for this can average up to £500,000 to implement, with a single security SOC team member costing £36,000 in average salary alone.  

There is nothing stopping you from setting up your own Security Operations Centre; however, will it be managed 24 hours, 7 days a week and 365 days a year? What happens if your business is attacked on a Sunday or when you and your 9-5 team are sleeping? What if a hacker breaches your organisation on Christmas Day? Cyber criminals know you are less likely to be monitoring your security over the down time periods, and therefore this is when they often strike. 

It is vital you keep full control of every aspect of your security operations but setting up an in-house team can be a high in cost, time, and resources. Also, it is often not as secure as using a team which specialise in business security and have years of trusted experience in the industry. 

DigitalXRAID have an experienced SOC team of experts who work 24/7/365, to monitor and protect your business. Their CREST certified experts are highly trained and are experienced cyber security professionals.  

With DigitalXRAID you would receive ongoing support from industry-leading experts who place in the top 1% in the UK for cyber security companies. Spotting security breaches before they happen with real-time monitoring, you would have peace of mind knowing that your business is protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days of the year. 

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Why is the risk higher for large organisations? 

Cyber Security is critical for all businesses, but especially for enterprise level companies. Larger organisations are at a higher risk in comparison to smaller companies due to the amount of data and valuable digital property they possess. However, they are also surprisingly the least prepared when it comes to cyber security preparation.  

Often bigger companies have larger infrastructure and are often too diverse and complex to have one solution for their entire architecture. It is common in the outset that growth is prioritised over security concerns, leading to gaps in the security processes of large organisations. 

Additionally, larger companies have more to lose. If breached there would be damaging consequences in cost and time as well as reputation and ongoing client confidence. The average cost of a breach to a UK organisation is £600k – £1.15m.

An organisation could not only lose money in relation to fines imposed, but also lose their reputation and revenue; there is no predicted amount of time could take to recuperate from a cyber-attack. 

Worryingly, without a Security Operations Centre and a team monitoring your systems for vulnerabilities and potential attacks, cyber-criminal attacks could remain unnoticed as companies do not have the skills to detect and respond to threats in a timely manner.

One such example is Yahoo, who were hacked in 2014 but were unaware that customer information was leaked until 2016 when they announced the breach. 

Without a 24/7/365 service, your company could be breached without your knowledge and as a larger organisation this creates bigger risks which could have a more damaging effect on long term business.  

Why does SOC benefit large organisations? 

As larger organisations have overlooked cyber security in the past, the time to act is now, to make sure you are fully protected from any security threats that may arise. Using an external third-party Security Operations Centre is a reliable, cost effective, and efficient solution tailored specifically for your business.  

It involves a highly experienced team of SOC Analysts who will analyse, monitor, and act on any potential threats when they arise. This means that you can focus on the growth and success of your business knowing that its assets, information, and customer data are secure. 

A Security Operations Centre such as DigitalXRAID would mean that your company has Improved Threat Management, as we continuously monitor your organisation to prevent and detect threats as well as strengthen and protect your assets. 

DigitalXRAID have resources and processes in place to analyse and respond to any suspicious activities or incidents immediately. Having a team of experts in place provides assurance to your CEO and Board that your business remains secure and protected at all times. 

Another benefit is the ongoing maintenance of regulatory compliance. As a business you will have regulation requirements that may require security monitoring, vulnerability management, or an incident response function. The centralisation and consolidation of all your organisations security functions in one place is a way to save money, and maximise expertise, skills, and resources available. 

DigitalXRAID’s Security Operations Centre

Why should you choose us? Why we are the third-party solution for your organisation? 

We understand that your business is different from other businesses. There is never going to be one solution that fits all and therefore to answer this all our SOC solutions are tailored to your organisation specifically.

We conduct a thorough analysis of your business and construct a service that will fit your company; during this examination as we build your tailored SOC solution our SOC analysts determine the most effective strategy to monitor your security by analysing the customer’s environment and the broader business context. 

DigitalXRAID are one of only a handful of companies with a CREST Accredited Security Operations Centre globally, meaning we are one of the best cyber security companies in the world.

Our SOC covers 8 key areas, so you are receiving 8 different services under one Advanced Threat Detection & Response SOC, therefore you are saving money and time by working with us. More information on our SOC full managed service can be found here. 

As we mentioned previously, we are 24/7/365 days a year, and we closely monitor network events in real-time for any possible security red flags. Our SOC experts use our unique methodology to perform ‘deep dives’ into data generated by your organisations assets, services, and endpoints, to convert any ‘unknown’ threats into ‘previous unknowns’ and eliminating any risks they may create. 

DigitalXRAID uses industry-leading Dark Web Monitoring Technology to observe known locations on the dark web and check for indicators of any data breaches or compromises relating to your organisation.  

DigitalXRAID also uses File Integrity Monitoring which enables our SOC experts to quickly detect and respond to any activity around critical system files where attacks may attempt to breach by gaining access to your network and organisation’s infrastructure.

As well as File Integrity Monitoring, we also use Vulnerability Control which analyses risk in the context of your vulnerabilities, network, and any exploits in a broader business context.  

A Security Operations Centre mitigates risk and secures customer’s data. It is a serious overlook and could severely impact your businesses reputation if your customers information is leaked online, and it could have never-ending financial repercussions for your organisation. 

DigitalXRAID provide a tailored solution where our SOC Analysts are on hand 24/7/365 to monitor your security, interpret the results, provide specialised advice for you, and act in an effective and timely manner should there be a situation which threatens the security of your business. 

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