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What World War 3 Could Mean For Cyber Security

Could the prospect of WW3 be getting closer? If it does happen it will involve many countries and many different types of warfare, including Cyber Warfare. There are already countries developing their own forms of internet to minimise the risk of cyber attack and the countries that aren’t could be at the most risk if a cyber war happens.

In the last few years we have seen some huge cyber attacks including:

  • WannaCry
    • An attack which happened in May 2017 and we are still seeing businesses that are vulnerable to WannaCry
  • British Airways
    • A cyber attack that happened in late 2018 and British Airways are still feeling the reputation damage for their data loss
  • Travelex
    • In December 2019 Travelex were held to ransom by cyber criminals who were holding Travelex’s computer systems to ransom

The 3 instances above are targeted attacks. Whether it is a windows vulnerability or a target to a business. If the internet, a global network, is targeted the whole world is going to be at risk.

Defence Companies

Companies working with the government in developing MOD products and services depend on the internet as much as soldiers depend on their weaponry and they could be a target. If a country can’t develop their defense they are going to be a much easier target.

Economy and Businesses

Most businesses in this day and age rely on the internet. Gone are the days where everything was paper based. Thousands of businesses without internet for any period of time could have damning effects on a country’s economy. This fear is the reason for countries developing their own internet, so they aren’t reliant on a global network.

Who will be a target in a Cyber War?

Everyone. Everyone that relies on the internet is going to be affected. It will be the goal of every country in war to cripple the infrastructure of the other side. The internet will be at the top of that list.

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