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Case Study 

How Tugger took a proactive approach to shore up their security with penetration testing

Penetration Testing
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The Requirement

The Tugger app swiftly and securely pulls data out of business systems into a data warehouse, making integrating with data analytics tools such as Microsoft Power BI and Tableau a piece of cake.

Tugger enables organisations to safely, effectively and securely get data out of business systems – into an enterprise level data warehouse – and then into Power BI or Tableau. Stakeholders across the business can enjoy first-rate data analytics reporting with no coding, no developers and no API integrations to worry about. In fact, nothing but a secure log-in, a quick ‘Tug’, and a url.

Data is stored in enterprise-level warehouse complying with ISO 27001 standards. With no coding involved, anyone can ‘Tug’, and enjoy beautiful business reporting in minutes not weeks, or sometimes even months.

One of the key features of the Tugger app is that it is extremely secure. The Tugger website even describes the app as being so secure ‘Elliot Alderson couldn’t get in’. With security being front and centre for the organisation, Tugger needed to ensure that there were no gaps in their security, so customers had peace of mind that this wasn’t just an empty claim.

On top of the vulnerability scanning that Tugger runs internally on a weekly basis, it was identified that penetration testing from a cyber security services provider was needed to ensure that the web application was properly protected.

“The follow up report from the pen test was easy to follow. The detail included about any issues found was very useful and made mitigating these very straightforward.


Without this pen testing we wouldn’t be able to work with some of our enterprise customers, and it is an essential part of our security ethos.


Following the successful completion of the testing I would have no hesitation in recommending DigitalXRAID’s services.”

Craig Morrall, Co-Founder, Tugger

Tugger engaged DigitalXRAID to perform the web application penetration test to identify any security weaknesses and potential exploitable vulnerabilities.

DigitalXRAID delivered a tailored Web Application Penetration Testing Service. Over 6 days, the team conducted comprehensive tests which examined configuration and application security thoroughly.

At the end of the testing period, DigitalXRAID supplied a detailed report highlighting and categorising application vulnerabilities into low, medium, high and critical priorities.

This gave Tugger the advantage of proactively addressing any gaps before any potential vulnerability could be exploited.

For more information, read the full case study.

The Results
Tugger has been able to shore up security to ensure that there are no exploitable vulnerabilities in the app and that the company is currently guarded against active threats from cyber criminals.

This gives Tugger customers full reassurance that they are protected, and that Tugger will continue to provide a secure and unrivalled product.

Tugger can now show evidence to all customers, especially enterprise sized customers, that they are taking a proactive approach to security. This opens the possibility for the company to work with much larger organisations.

Penetration testing is an important step in the journey towards ISO 27001 certification, which is a key objective for Tugger and the next phase in its cyber security journey.

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