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Network Digital Marketing
Case Study 

How Network Digital Marketing ensured secure infrastructure during re-platforming with penetration testing

Penetration Testing
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The Requirement

Network Digital Marketing makes its members’ money go further. It works with a network of brands that know doing good is good for business and connects those brands to over 2 million members working across key services such as social care, healthcare, charity sector and teaching.

It’s passionate about giving members a way to save, plus get the rewards they deserve. It connects the right people to the right deals, at the right time.

Network Digital Marketing schemes are associated with a higher level of quality of life and have found that members feel more loyal towards their role and sector due to access to its schemes.

Network Digital Marketing conducts regular pen testing. However, they don’t just see this as a tick box exercise and ensure that what is being tested varies in accordance with business priorities or new projects at the time of testing to get the most from the service.

As the business was going through an environment re-platforming project, a key focus was to ensure that everything was secure before migration. Network Digital Marketing had an existing relationship with DigitalXRAID, so enlisted its support to conduct a penetration test.

For more information, read the full case study.


The pre-testing calls were a huge help. It gave peace of mind to know that all areas were being covered and the flexibility, advice and guidance on where to get the best value from the time we had really did help.


Having the option to discuss feedback on any findings in real-time put me at ease. The full report was delivered promptly at the completion of the test and so I knew we’d be able to resolve any issues quickly if they arose. 


Following the successful completion of the testing I would have no hesitation in recommending DigitalXRAID’s services.


Martin Glover, Internal Systems & Governance Manager, Network Digital Marketing

Network Digital Marketing engaged DigitalXRAID to perform the penetration test to identify any security weaknesses and potential exploitable vulnerabilities prior to migrating to the new environment.

As a first step, DigitalXRAID’s penetration testing consultants assisted Network Digital Marketing with effectively scoping the pen test. This was to ensure that all the relevant pieces were covered, and maximum value would be achieved during the testing time.

DigitalXRAID delivered a tailored Penetration Testing Service. Over several days, the team conducted comprehensive tests from an unauthenticated and authenticated perspective, to determine if anything could be compromised.

DigitalXRAID used various tools and techniques as part of the penetration test, in line with industry best practice. The team thoroughly assessed whether anything could be disclosed and cause a security risk.

As part of the test, DigitalXRAID’s penetration testers also attempted to bypass processes and workflows and conducted checks for common input validation vulnerabilities.

At the end of the testing period, DigitalXRAID supplied a comprehensive report, detailing the methodologies followed and highlighting and categorising any vulnerabilities found into low, medium, high and critical priorities. The report included a risk summary that explained how any vulnerabilities identified could be used by an attacker to affect the business.

This gave Network Digital Marketing the advantage of proactively addressing any gaps before re-platforming the environment or a potential vulnerability could be exploited.

For more information, read the full case study.

The Results

Network Digital Marketing has been able to shore up security to ensure that there are no exploitable vulnerabilities before re-platforming the environment. The company is confident that it is currently guarded against active threats from cyber criminals.  

Looking forward, as a second phase of testing to ensure the bigger picture is considered, Network Digital Marketing will be looking to test the new environment when everything is connected, to make sure that nothing has changed following the migration.  

With regular penetration testing a key part of Network Digital Marketing’s security posture, its customers have full assurance that they are also protected, and that Network Digital Marketing will continue to provide a secure service.  

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