Penetration Testing Liverpool

The DigitalXRAID cyber security team is proud to offer in-depth penetration testing for Liverpool businesses, testing IT systems, websites, and other digital assets for a range of vulnerabilities.

At its core, penetration testing helps Liverpool businesses offer security, safety, and peace of mind for their clients. Every level of a company’s IT infrastructure can be assessed for vulnerabilities in a safe environment, allowing you to take the right steps to tighten up system security and protect information from accidental or purposeful security breaches.

DigitalXRAID’s penetration testing services are delivered by highly experienced cyber security experts and help Liverpool businesses gain certification in reputable compliance measures such as ISO 27001, PCI DSS, Cyber Essentials, and PSN Compliance.


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Penetration Testing Benefits

The benefits of penetration testing are numerous; pen testing experts can identify and help you resolve security vulnerabilities from various entry points to IT infrastructure, including external and internal systems. By covering every angle, penetration testing effectively strengthens the security systems surrounding your company’s data, enabling you to better protect customers and staff, as well as your reputation.

External Penetration Testing

This type of penetration testing exposes vulnerabilities in all your company’s public-facing assets, such as websites and firewalls. Our experts simulate a real-world external attack to really test these systems. For instance, external penetration testing can securely target the following assets:

  • Firewalls: testing how effective your company’s firewall is at providing a perimeter defence around your systems.
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPNs): testing how users on VPNs may be able to access sensitive information that other users cannot, as well as the security of your own VPNs.
  • Websites and web applications: assessing what sensitive data your website contains (such as credit card information and customer data) and how this could be accessed by unauthorised parties. Testing how your website or web application prevents spam attacks, distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, and other hacking techniques.

Internal Penetration Testing

Sometimes cyber security risks and data breaches come from the inside. Internal penetration testing addresses these risks, which can come from sources including:

  • Employees: whether a rogue employee looking to steal valuable information or a disgruntled ex-employee taking data with them out the door, the people who work for you can cause considerable risk for any organisation.
  • Third Parties: contractors, temporary staff, and visitors could accidentally or purposefully cause security breaches for your systems.
  • Inadvertent Users: some people just don’t realise they are putting systems and data at risk, often due to a lack of understanding or security awareness.

Our staff are ideally placed to securely identify these security risks and advice on how best to address them. We can help you develop robust policies to tackle internal issues through education and tightening security procedures.


The Penetration Testing Liverpool Experts

Members of the DigitalXAID penetration testing Check Team have all been trained to strict requirements. Many have held senior infrastructure roles in support and management and wholly understand system security and access for businesses thanks to their extensive experience. Whether your Liverpool company comprises a large corporate team or a small business setup, we can deliver fully bespoke penetration testing services to ensure your cyber security is at the cutting-edge and always compliant to industry standards.

Throughout the penetration testing process, we keep you informed with a commitment to excellent customer support and by providing you with accessible and detailed security reports. To find out more about our penetration testing services in Liverpool, get in touch with us and one of our advisors will be more than happy to help.