Why Us

Businesses are constantly under attack from cyber security related threats. These attacks can have a significant negative impact to any organisation resulting in loss of customer trust not to mention loss of revenue. A cyber security breach has a lasting impact on your branding for months or even years. DigitalXRAID believes these risks can be significantly reduced by consulting a team of passionate and highly skilled security experts.

DigitalXRAID was formed to protect business’s of any size, no one wants to arrive at work to find the phones going mad from angry customers who have had their personal data stolen.

Why US
CREST Approved Penetration Testers
IASME Gold Certified Company

Highly Trained Staff?

Our staff are qualified in their fields, holding years of experience in infrastructure roles from support to senior management. Experience is backed by well known certification including; CCIE Security, CISSP, CEH to name a few. All our testers are trained to our stringent requirements to a minimum of CHECK Team Member status or equivalent.

Motivated & Passionate?

We home grow staff and engage only those with a keen interest and active participation in the industry.

Here at DigitalXRAID we believe no business, large or small, can ignore threats to their business, digital assets and brand integrity. Our mission is to simplify what is generally seen as a complex and costly service.

We believe strongly our core values of integrity, innovation,  protection and simplification differentiate us from our competitors. Our focus on developing and strengthening our clients Cyber Security awareness is at the heart of all our engagements.

When you choose to do business with DigitalXRAID you are partnering with a company who not only offers technical excellence but who cares about your business.