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Why Is ISO 27001 So Important And Why Should You Act Now?

What is ISO 27001?

ISO 27001, also known as ISO/IEC-27001 is an internationally recognised certification which specifies requirements for an Information Security Management System (ISMS) in a commercial organisation.

Being a formal specification, it requires certain rules, conditions, regulations and standards to be met before a business can be certified compliant and audited successfully. Putting it simply ISO 27001 is a framework that a business must follow around protecting your information assets, risk management, legal and compliance, physical and technical processes.

The certification provides complete guidance using a top-down approach, it covers everything from analysing a business’s current processes, evaluating, implementing a new framework and organising its new set-up and operation, as well as ongoing monitoring of the new systems, providing assurance, and recommending ways to maintain and improve businesses processes.

It is not a standalone certification and requires ongoing input from management and other stakeholders. In plain English, ISO 27001 is an overarching guide which monitors your operations and checks the processes you have are in place to meet the requirements and specifications of the standard. If your business does not already have this in place, then the security company you choose to work with to gain the certification can help put the correct systems and controls in place.

Once the certification has been awarded it needs to be managed to provide continued assurance to the business, and any appropriate corrective actions taken upon discoveries of any risks or opportunities. All security systems, policies and processes must be up-to-date and regularly audited to make sure that the business can retain its certification.

Why is it important?

It shows those in your organisation that you take Information Security Management seriously. By following the correct controls and processes to secure your information assets, you are giving stakeholders and shareholders more confidence in your business.

Being ISO 27001 certified can put you ahead of the curve, which may result in winning more business and paints you in a positive light as a company which is forward thinking about its security processes. At the same time it is a cost effective method to make sure the right systems are in place while you continue to grow your business.

ISO 27001 is important because it helps establish a security risk management program if you do not already have one in place; if you do it checks you meet the correct controls required by the standard. Therefore, you will be confident that you have the best cost-effective security management systems in place, so you can sleep well at night knowing you are protected now and in the future.

Why should you be considering it?

Security breaches are sadly all too common in todays climate, and unfortunately that forecast is not looking to change for the foreseeable future. Larger organisations are now taking cyber security seriously, and when working with smaller businesses are looking for reassurances that the correct security management systems are in place.

When working with suppliers, or other partners, larger organisations are frequently now requiring the smaller businesses to have proof in form of Tender Documents from financial organisations, retailers and government departments. If these standards are not met, then a company may lose out on future business with an organisation.

With increasing frequency external organisations, businesses, and even customers/clients, are now asking for evidence to prove the correct standards and implemented. If a business is unprepared for these requests then it can go through unnecessary time and expenses while still potentially losing the customers in the process.

Being forward thinking often pays off, and ISO 27001 puts a business in a position where these systems are already in place and ready to be formally audited and shared when needed. Additionally, as other organisations learn about cyber security and how this may affect their information assets, their security criteria will adapt, and already having an ISO 27001 certification reduces or mitigates any risk on the business.

Being aware of potential security breaches before they happen may seem like magic, however when being ISO 27001 certified, a business already has the systems, processes, and methods in place to reduce and mitigate the risks before they happen. Hindsight is not an excuse when a business could be thinking ahead towards the future and preventing any breaches, building trust and conviction within an organisation, stakeholders, shareholders and potential future clients.

Good judgement would be to prepare for the worst, having a process and systems in place which meet the requirements of ISO 27001 certification means that a business is learning about the risks of their information assets, and educating themselves on the security of their organisation. Understanding the key information security elements of a business means being prepared for the future and being aware of any potential issues before they arise.

How can we help – DigitalXRAID’s method.

DigitalXRAID provide an ongoing management of your ISO 27001 certification, working with you to evaluate your current processes and procedures, helping you maintain, build and create new ones if needed. We ensure your business is always audit ready and that you can successfully prove to other businesses and organisations that your processes are in place when asked.

DigitalXRAID are dedicated, and we provide around the clock vigilance as we work with you to make sure your business is properly protected. We are always here for you, with constant communication and onsite visits, you and your business will know that we are on hand when needed.

Our expert teams will assess your readiness, determine any areas of weakness and work with you to improve your information security to ensure the ISO 27001 certification process runs smoothly and successfully. Your journey will be guided step-by-step, and once certified your business will still receive communication and ongoing reviews leading up to your annual audits, making sure you still meet the necessary criteria of ISO 27001 and retain your certification.

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Why Is ISO 27001 So Important And Why Should You Act Now?

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