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DigitalXRAID’s managed Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is a 24/7 cyber threat protection service, monitoring your infrastructure, system's, network, and application's for security event's.

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What is a SIEM?

Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) software allows security analyst’s to monitor the network real-time and react quickly to any potential threat’s.

A SIEM collects logs and event data generated by different types of devices and collates it into one centralised hub. It takes this comprehensive data, collates it and organises it so a security analyst can then assess the data. It is common for the SIEM to flag up many security issues, it is then down to the analyst to understand the issue and identify whether it is a threat. The data is collected by deploying agents onto every device that is monitored. This allows the device to communicate with the SIEM, and send logs that can be analysed to identify anything out of the norm.


Why a SIEM Could Be Right For You?

SIEM offers a solution that for many organisations could tick multiple boxes, alongside the real-time benefits of the SIEM you can expect:

  • Impact reduction of any breaches
  • Cost savings from a breach
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Compliant with
    • HIPPA
    • PCI-DSS
    • ISO27001
    • Amazon Web Services
    • Microsoft Azure

SIEM allows our analysts to have a holistic view of the network and combines multiple data feeds into one place ensuring everything can be monitored. Allowing any threat or vulnerability to be identified in a matter of minutes and not days. On average it takes 197 days to identify a data breach.

Key Functionality of a SIEM

  • Drastically improves the time it takes to detect a threat
  • Collects logs from multiple feeds
  • Allows investigation to be conducted more efficiently
  • Allows for advanced threat detection

Why choose our Security Operations Centre?


  • Keep your network safe

    With monitoring around the clock, we can keep you secure and informed. We can respond in a matter of minutes to any threat.

  • We don’t sleep, so you can.

    Cyber criminals don’t sleep and neither do we. So even if you are at home or asleep, our analysts are working hard to keep you safe.

  • Detect all threats

    We won’t let anything fall through the cracks, we detect all threats whether they are false positives or not.


  • Protect your business

    With our solution we can act swiftly on your behalf to ensure that an attacker cannot get into your network.


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