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Web Application
Penetration Testing

User facing systems are the first place a hacker will see. A threat would try to find a way in to your data by finding vulnerabilities in your Web Applications. Putting your data, your customer's data and your reputation at risk.

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Are you using forms that take user data and place it into your CMS or CRM. Can the information be intercepted?


Are your customers using your app? A hacker could use your app to try and find a way into your data.

Login Funtionality

Can users or your employees login to your internal network from your web application? A hacker could see a login page as a target to try and attempt to get access to data.

What makes DigitalXRAID’s Penetration Testing right for you?

Speaking Your Language

We’re not just experts in cyber security, we’re experts in communication.

We Always Detect Security Issues

If you’ve got a security issue our highly-skilled team will find it. We’ll give you the knowledge you need to safeguard your business.

Top 1% in the UK

We’re in the top 1% of companies in the UK certified to provide government-approved cyber security services.


Be prepared against all Web Application Threats

  • Are you sure a hacker cant intercept the data going through your website?
  • Is your website vulnerable to SQL Injection?
  • Does your CMS have a vulnerability that can be exploited?


Predefined Scope

Once we receive the order, we will carry out initial scoping. Generally, penetration tests are conducted on a white box (informed) basis with DigitalXRAID being given key information about your network.


Reconnaissance Information Gathering

Using passive information gathering techniques we will aggregate key information from the public domain.


Enumeration Assessment

Using the information gathered during the recon stage, DigitalXRAID will assess the vulnerabilities in your organisation..



We implement a thorough investigation to highlight any potential exploits which are then executed to determine their impact.



Our security experts will securely deliver a bespoke report of our findings; giving you a clear and complete understanding of any weaknesses in your system.


Quality Assured

All reports are reviewed by our lead Penetration Tester to ensure we consistently deliver the highest quality in all our tests.



Once the highlighted vulnerabilities have been addressed, you can schedule a re-test of those specific elements to ensure you are fully protected.

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Why Trust Us?

DigitalXRAID is committed to providing cutting-edge cyber security solutions for businesses everywhere, and, put simply, we’re the experts in our field. Cyber criminals are constantly finding new ways to infiltrate your organisation and harvest your sensitive data, and we can help you fight back. Using state-of-the-art tools and techniques, we’ll protect your digital assets, shield you from cyber threats, and make sure you stay two steps ahead of the criminals.

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