Managed Cyber Security Services

Fully managed threat protection from our team of Information Security Experts.
Security Event Information Management (SIEM) all handled in our UK based Security Operations Centre (SOC).

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Fully Managed Cyber Security Services

Asset Discovery

Active Network Scanning
Passive Network Monitoring
Asset Inventory
Host-based Software Inventory

File Integrity Monitoring

Behavioural Monitoring
Log Collection
Netflow Analysis
Service Availability Monitoring
Full packet capture

Vulnerability Assessment

Network Vulnerability Testing
Continuous Vulnerability Testing

Security Intelligence

SIEM Correlation
Incident Response
Reporting & Alarms

Threat Detection

Network IDS
Host IDS
Wireless IDS


Fully Managed Incident Response
Advanced End-Point Protection
Deception Techniques
Honey Pots Deployed
Secure Email Solutions
24/7, 8/5 Eyes on screens.
Forensic Analysis

Do any of these questions apply to your organisation?

Are you challenged with limited staff and budget?

Is your organisation growing faster than your IT budget? Your security budget?

Do you have all the network and system security tools you need?

Are you under pressure to comply with regulatory requirements, such as mandated vulnerability scans, access controls, logging and retention of logs?

What are you doing to achieve complete security visibility today?

What information security training / education opportunities do you attend each year?

Which sources of information security information do you consume every day?

DXR have a cyber security management package that can be tailored to your specific needs. DigitalXRAID have highly skilled, highly trained SOC/SIEM analysts in addition to Incident response experts.

Here at DXR we have pulled together the best of breed tool sets and resources to provide an effective, economic Cyber Security management platform that will satisfy the demanding needs of your organisation.