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IT Health Check

An IT Health Check (or ITHC) is an essential compliance requirement for any organisation working within the public services sector. Without it, your business will be unable to access the Public Services Network, or PSN - the government’s own high-performance network. The PSN is designed to help public sector organisations operate more effectively and efficiently, working more closely with each other, sharing resources and communicating with third-party service providers over a secure network. If you want to qualify for a valid PSN compliance certificate or your company needs to utilise government data, an IT Health Check from a government-approved cyber security specialist is an absolute must. And that’s where we come in. DigitalXRAID can perform an IT Health Check for your organisation, providing an independent assessment of your IT infrastructure, ensuring you meet all the necessary requirements for PSN accreditation.

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Identify Vulnerabilities

Our ITHC will assess the strength of your internal and external systems, highlighting any weaknesses and providing robust cyber security solutions.

Stay Secure and Protected

We’ll make sure your sensitive data is safe and secure, shielding you from cyber-attacks and stopping security breaches before they happen.

Get Compliant

Our government-approved cyber security experts will perform a comprehensive review of your IT infrastructure, ensuring you meet all the necessary criteria for PSN accreditation.

What makes DigitalXRAID’s ITHC Service right for you?

Speaking Your Language

We’re not just experts in cyber security, we’re experts in communication.

Going the Extra Mile

We’ll arm you with the knowledge you need to keep your business safe and secure, making sure you have everything in place to achieve compliance.

Certified Check Service

We’re in the top 5% of cyber security companies in the UK that are able to provide this fully certified service.

What is it?

IT Health Check.

The main purpose of an IT Health Check is to make sure your organisation’s internal and external systems are safe and secure. If you’re working within the public sector, chances are you’re handling a lot of sensitive information, and it’s imperative this information is properly protected. Our team of cyber security experts will provide a thorough health check for your business, highlighting any potential weaknesses in your IT infrastructure and providing swift, robust solutions. An ITHC will focus on two key areas – internal and external testing:


  • External testing includes a comprehensive review of your organisation’s internet-facing systems, such as web servers, email servers and firewalls. It will also look at any systems that allow employees to access your organisation remotely, as well as any third-party connections.


  • Internal testing involves vulnerability scanning and manual analysis of your internal networks. This includes desktop and server configuration, network management security, configuration of mobile devices and laptops, and internal security gateway configuration (including PSN).


Once the IT Health Check is complete, we will provide a full, detailed report, listing any issues and vulnerabilities and suggesting relevant fixes.


Be prepared against
all internal threats.

  • Ensure your IT infrastructure is safe and secure
  • Prevent your sensitive data falling into the wrong hands
  • Stop security breaches before they happen
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Prefedined Scope

Once DigitalXRAID receive the order, we will carry out initial scoping. Generally penetration tests are conducted on a white box (informed) basis with DigitalXRAID being given information about the network.


Reconnaissance Information Gathering

Using passive information gathering techniques we will aggregate key information from the public domain.


Enumeration Assessment

Using the information gathered during the reconnaissance stage, DigitalXRAID will assess the vulnerabilities in your organisation.



We implement a thorough investigation to highlight any potential exploits which are then executed to determine their impact.



Our security experts will securely deliver a bespoke report of our findings; giving you a clear and complete understanding of any weaknesses in your system.


Quality Assured

All reports are reviewed by our lead Penetration Tester to ensure we consistently deliver the highest quality in all our tests.



Once the highlighted vulnerabilities have been addressed, you can schedule a re-test of those specific elements to ensure you are fully protected.

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Why Trust Us

DigitalXRAID is committed to providing cutting-edge cyber security solutions for businesses everywhere, and, put simply, we’re the experts in our field. Cyber criminals are constantly finding new ways to infiltrate your organisation and harvest your sensitive data, and we can help you fight back. Using state-of-the-art tools and techniques, we’ll protect your digital assets, shield you from cyber threats, and make sure you stay two steps ahead of the criminals.

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